Why Is My Corn Sour? Answered!

Boy eating eating sweet corn that happens to be sour.

Corn is one of the most enjoyed vegetables around. Many agree that nothing tastes better than a fresh ear of sweet corn with some salt and butter. But what if you bite into that ear of corn only to find out that it has a sour taste? Here I’ll talk about why sweet corn can … Read more

Why Are My Chilies Not Ripening? Causes And Solutions

Ripe and unripe hot chili peppers in garden

Chili peppers are an exciting addition to any kitchen garden and can be grown relatively easily, even in temperate climates. But what do you do if your chilies aren’t ripening properly? Do you feel you’re missing out on spice and taste, and want to know what’s causing it? If your chilies are not ripening the … Read more

Why Is My Bok Choy Flowering? Causes and Solutions

Flowering Bok Choy

Bok choy are prized for their crisp, vibrant leaves and fast-growing times. Some bok choy varieties will give you a healthy harvest within 6 weeks! Unfortunately, bok choy can also be prone to early flowering and bolting, a process that often causes the leaves to turn bitter and woody. So if your bok choy is flowering prematurely, you’ll … Read more

Why Are My Bell Peppers So Small? Answered!

Small Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are a delicious, vibrant, and versatile addition to the kitchen. If you’re growing them yourself, you’ll likely want them to grow as big as possible! If you’re worried that your bell peppers are looking a bit small or stunted, there are fortunately a number of things you can do to try to remedy … Read more

Why Are My Garlic Bulbs So Small? Answered!

Small Garlic

You’ll often hear people say you can never have too much garlic, but what about when you have too little? If your garlic bulbs are looking very small, there could be a number of reasons for this. Small garlic bulbs are commonly a result of planting the wrong variety, sowing at the wrong time, overcrowding, … Read more

Why Is My Spinach Flowering? Causes and Solutions

Flowering Spinach Plant

Fast growing, easy to maintain, and packed with nutrients, spinach has to be one of my all-time favorite crops to grow and cook with. Spinach also requires remarkably little maintenance once you’ve got it going. And, if the conditions are right, spinach can provide you with a steady, self-replenishing harvest of tasty, tender leaves for … Read more

Why Is My Rutabaga Bitter? Here’s What You Need To Know

Newly harvested rutabaga with roots and leaves.

Whether you’re growing rutabaga from seed or picking it up at your local market, you know that not all rutabagas are created equal. You may learn this the hard way when incorporating rutabaga into a recipe only to find it’s too bitter to even attempt to eat. The risk of accidentally biting into a bitter … Read more

Why Is My Zucchini Plant Dying? Causes And Solutions

Dying Zucchini Plant

There are plenty of reasons zucchini stands as a perennially popular choice for us gardeners. Zucchini is a versatile and nutritious addition to our dinner dishes, a prolific grower, and a relatively easy crop to grow and maintain. So if you find your zucchini plant is dying, you’ll want to know why and how to … Read more

Why Is My Asparagus Dying? Causes and Solutions

Why is My Asparagus Dying

Tender, sophisticated, and a seasonal star – asparagus can be a pride perennial in any gardener’s yard. But this delicious and sought-after crop can also need attention and care in order to truly flourish. So if your asparagus plant looks like it’s dying, this article is for you. If you think your asparagus may be … Read more

What’s Eating My Sugar Snap Peas? (And how to get rid of them!)

Pest Eaten Sugar Snap Peas - What's Eating My Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas make a lovely addition to any garden. They aren’t too challenging to grow and when sugar snap peas are ready for the dinner table, they provide an excellent source of vitamin K and other nutrients. If your sugar snap peas are being eaten and terrorized by some unknown pest, like mine was … Read more