What’s Eating My Cape Gooseberries?

What's Eating My Cape Gooseberries

Humans aren’t the only ones to enjoy the sweet and delicate tartness of a cape gooseberry. There are plenty of little critters out there who also have a taste for this delicious fruit. And whose appetites can lead to cape gooseberry fruit loss, damaged leaves, nibbled stems, and generally sorry-looking plants.   The most common … Read more

How to Grow Cape Gooseberry (Ground Cherries)

How to Grow Cape Gooseberry

The delicious fruit from the Cape Gooseberry plant takes on a magical appearance encased in light papery lantern-like leaves. The sweet and tart golden berries are wonderful on their own or made into a jam. And being an easy plant to grow, Cape Gooseberries, also known as Ground Cherries, make a great choice for the … Read more