Growth Stages of an Onion: From Seed to Harvest

Different varieties of onions.

If you are planning to grow onions in your home garden, it is important to understand the different growth stages of this crop. Each stage requires different care and attention from germination to maturity to ensure a successful onion harvest.  How Long is an Onion Plants Lifecycle?  Onion plants have a fairly long growth cycle, … Read more

8 Reasons Onions Are Small (With Solutions)


Have you recently harvested your patch of onions? So have I! But just like me, you may be disappointed by how underdeveloped and small your onions are. So let’s have a look at what may have caused small onion growth, and possible solutions to avoid this happening again. The most common growth problems causing small … Read more

Why Is My Onion Bitter? Answered!

Different varieties of onions.

Many varieties of onions exist, and it’s one of the most versatile and flavorful vegetables. You’ll find it used in all different types of international cuisine, adding a unique and complex flavor profile. You often expect your onion to taste strong or sweet, depending on the variety you use. However, most people don’t generally associate … Read more

Growing Bulb Onions: 20 Things You Should Know

Growing Bulb Onions - Things You Should Know

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about growing bulb onions. So if you have ever wanted to grow bulb onions here are 20 things you should know. Questions on Onions Are onions fruits or vegetables? Onions are a vegetable. The bulb of the onion is the edible part of the plant, which … Read more