Why is Celery Bitter (And How to Fix It)

Why is Celery Bitter and How to Fix it - Bunch of Celery

There is nothing worse than going to all the effort of growing what should be delicious organic celery only to find it is bitter and horrible. There are five main reasons why celery becomes overly bitter. Read on to find out what causes celery to become bitter and how you can ensure your celery crop … Read more

What To Do With Celery Leaves (Preserving and Recipe Ideas)

What to do with Celery Leaves - Preserving and Recipe Ideas

We all know celery stalks are delicious and have many health benefits but once we’ve cut off and used the crunchy stalks what do we do with all those lush green celery leaves? Celery leaves are often overlooked and thrown away, but celery leaves are entirely edible and they are just as delicious as celery … Read more

How To Grow Celery For Juicing

Celery Juice - How to Grow Celery for Juicing

Do you love juicing celery and now want to try your hand at growing your own celery for juicing? You’ve come to the right place. Really, organic and homegrown celery is the way to go. It’s simple to grow celery, and you can juice this vegetable right from the comfort of your home.  So, let’s … Read more