Why Are My Olives So Small? Causes and Solutions 

Newly harvested olives

With the olive harvest season approaching it’s disappointing to discover you are growing small olives. In this article, I’ll go through the cause of your olive tree producing small olives and solutions you can use to produce bigger olives. Small olives are often a result of irregular water, unsuitable temperature, insufficient sunlight, lack of soil … Read more

Why Is My Olive Tree Dying? Causes and Solutions

Olive Tree - Why Is My Olive Tree Dying

Olives are a delicious fruit, and olive oil is a staple in any chef’s kitchen. So it would make sense to want to grow some yourself. Olive trees are large and sturdy and can live for an average of 500 years. So if your olive tree is dying, you’ll want to know how you can … Read more

Can You Eat Olives Off the Tree? Answered!

Can You Eat Olives Off The Tree

If you grow your own olives, you’re probably wondering: can I eat olives right off the tree? After all, there are few things a gardener loves more than eating their own produce fresh off the plant. While eating olives off the tree is technically safe, the taste is bitter to the point of being inedible. … Read more

Are Olives a Fruit or Vegetable? Answered!

Are Olives a Fruit or a Vegetable Answered

Olives. You put them on pizza, toss them in with roasts, and sometimes eat them on their own. No chef’s kitchen is complete without a bottle of olive oil. You lump them in with the rest of the veggies in your meals. But are olives actually vegetables or in fact a fruit? Much like tomatoes, … Read more