7 Reasons Globe Artichokes Are Small (With Solutions)

Globe Artichoke Plant

Globe artichokes not only make a pretty addition to vegetable gardens, but they are a delicious delicacy. Although classed as a hardy plant suitable to be grown in several climates, this edible thistle can be affected by less-than-ideal growing conditions that can result in small artichokes. So if your artichokes are small, read on to find … Read more

Globe Artichoke Vs. Jerusalem Artichoke: What’s the Difference?

Globe Artichoke Verses Jerusalem Artichoke

While both Globe Artichokes and Jerusalem Artichokes have the word “artichoke” in their name, they are actually wildly different plants. They may have similar culinary uses, but the way they grow and look is very different. So what is the difference between the Globe Artichoke and Jerusalem Artichoke? And how are they similar? Let’s take … Read more