Getting Rid of Potato Bugs Organically: Colorado Potato Beetle

Potato Bug and Larvae - Colorado Potato Beetle

If you go out to your vegetable garden to find small, jagged holes in your potato plant leaves, you may be witnessing damage by voracious potato bugs. These beetles, and in particular the potato bug larvae can really chew through your potato leaves and create a mess of your plants. In this article, I’ll cover identifying potato bugs along … Read more

Why Is My Lettuce Flowering? Causes and Solutions

Flowering Lettuce Plants

Lettuce, the leafy greens, reds, and purples, that fill our salad bowls, are a popular choice for home gardeners across the globe. If like me, you have walked outside to inspect your lettuce and noticed it has started to flower, you may be wondering why and how this happened. If lettuce plants begin to flower, … Read more

Why Are My Cabbage Leaves Turning Yellow? With Solutions!

Cabbages in the field turning yellow

If your cabbage leaves are turning yellow, you’ll want to know the reasons why and how to fix the problem. So read on to find the cause of yellow cabbage leaves along with the solutions. The most common reasons cabbage leaves turn yellow are due to a lack of sunlight, the temperature being too high, … Read more

Why Is My Spinach Bitter? Answered!

Fresh spinach in a white bowl on a white cutting board

As one of the healthiest green vegetables you can grow or buy, spinach tastes great, both raw and cooked. However, for many people, a single bad experience with the vegetable or a childhood memory of not liking it causes them to stay away from eating it very often. I’ll admit that spinach can sometimes taste … Read more

Why Is My Cauliflower Bitter? Answered!

Freshly cut cauliflowers in a white bowl on a wooden table

As one of the most versatile vegetables, you can use cauliflower for everything from pizza crust, to pasta, to buffalo bites. You can even make cauliflower into “rice.” And cauliflower is an excellent option for people seeking to cut out gluten and eat healthier. However, no matter how you prepare cauliflower, you expect it will … Read more

Why Are My Beets Dying? Causes and Solutions

beet plants dying

Beets are a dream for gardeners of many stripes, often proving easy to grow, compact, delicious, and nutritious. However, growing beets isn’t always a smooth process. If you think your beets are dying or wilting, you’ll want to get to the bottom of what’s causing it. Although beets are generally quite resilient, they can be … Read more

Halloween Pumpkins: Carving, Decorating and Eating

How to Carve a Halloween Pumpkin

When October comes around each year, I know I’m in for a treat. Because just around the corner is Halloween and my favorite; Halloween pumpkins. So in this article, I’m answering questions about the types of pumpkins used for carving scary faces, how to carve a Halloween pumpkin, and pumpkin decorating ideas you can try. … Read more

Why Are My Zucchinis So Small? With Solutions!

Small Zucchinis

As a zucchini grower, you’re more likely to struggle with a surplus of tasty vegetables than you are a lack of them. That doesn’t mean that growing zucchini is always problem-free though. If your crop is looking a little on the small side, there are a number of factors that could be at play. Common … Read more

Why Is My Broccoli Dying? Causes and Solutions

Unhealthy Broccoli Plant

Nutritious, delicious, and relatively easy to grow – just three reasons broccoli is one of the most popular crops in the garden and the kitchen. But if you’re finding your broccoli plants dying, it’s only natural that you’ll want to know what might be causing it. The most common causes of broccoli plants dying are … Read more

Why Are My Kale Seedlings Turning Yellow? Causes and Solutions

Kale seedlings starting to turning yellow

Kale has seen a surge in popularity over the past decade, with a growing reputation for being a delicious and nutritious green crop. So if you find that your kale seedlings are turning yellow, you’ll want to know why and how to fix them. We all want to give our kale the best possible start … Read more