7 Reasons Why Your Green Bean Plants Are Turning Yellow

Green Bean Plant with Yellow Leaves

Green beans are a popular vegetable crop that is easy to grow in a home garden. They are typically planted in the spring and can produce a bountiful harvest in the summer. However, sometimes gardeners may notice their green bean plants turning yellow, which can be a cause for concern. Why Are My Green Bean … Read more

7 Reasons Why Your Cucumbers Are Turning Yellow

Yellow Cucumbers - Reasons Why Your Cucumbers Are Turning Yellow

Have you ever wondered ‘why are my cucumbers turning yellow?’ Well, I have some answers for you. If you’ve ever experienced the disappointment of yellow cucumbers, there is plenty that you can do to prevent it from happening again. The most common cause of yellow cucumbers is over-ripening due to being left on the vine too … Read more

The Growth Stages of Corn: From Seed to Harvest

Growth Stages of Corn

As a gardener, it is important to understand the growth stages of the plants you are growing, so you can provide the right care and attention at the right time. Corn is a popular choice among home gardeners, but it can be a challenge to understand the growth process. Corn takes two to three months … Read more

Okra Dying? Common Causes and Solutions!

Okra Plant

Okra is a popular vegetable ingredient in many gumbos and stews. And it’s often referred to as ‘lady fingers’ due to its long, slender seed pods, which resemble dainty, feminine fingers. Unfortunately, this member of the marrow family can be a challenge to grow; if these growing issues are not identified and resolved, your okra … Read more

The 7 Growth Stages of a Pumpkin: From Seed to Harvest

Growth Stages of a Pumpkin

Growing your own pumpkin plant at home is an exciting journey as you track the different stages of its growth. The satisfying feeling of being able to harvest your own vegetable after watching it grow into a delectable, mature pumpkin is incomparable. A pumpkin plant will generally take between 90-120 days from seed to harvest … Read more

The Big Mystery of Small Avocados: Solved!

Avocados Growing on the Tree

Growing your own avocado tree can be incredibly rewarding when you’re able to reap a plentiful harvest. However, if your garden-grown avocados have been disappointingly small in size you’ll want to solve the mystery of small avocados. Read on to find out. Why Are My Avocados So Small? The most common causes of small avocados … Read more

A Twisted Tale: 8 Causes of Deformed Carrots with Solutions

Deformed Carrot

Have you ever wondered how store-bought carrots are always so straight? Whereas all the carrots I’ve grown in my vegetable garden seem to come out of the ground looking twisted, forked, bumpy, disfigured, or deformed. If you’re experiencing the same problems with your home-grown carrots, like me, you will want to find out the “root” of the … Read more

7 Causes of Dying Pumpkins with Solutions

Pumpkin Plants With Dry Leaves

We all want to grow the best pumpkins our home gardens can provide. So it’s disappointing if our pumpkins fall off of the vine prematurely or begin to rot and die. If like me, you have experienced dying pumpkins, you’re probably wondering what’s causing your pumpkins to die and how can you prevent this from … Read more

Stop Struggling with Deformed Parsnips: 8 Causes & Solutions

Harvesting Parsnips

Parsnips are a hardy cool-season root vegetable grown for their edible, creamy-white roots. Planted during spring, and developed over the colder months, this relative of carrot and parsley can sometimes end up deformed and misshapen. So if you are wondering why your parsnips are deformed or wonky, you’re in the right place. Why Are My Parsnips … Read more

8 Reasons Onions Are Small (With Solutions)


Have you recently harvested your patch of onions? So have I! But just like me, you may be disappointed by how underdeveloped and small your onions are. So let’s have a look at what may have caused small onion growth, and possible solutions to avoid this happening again. The most common growth problems causing small … Read more