6 Causes Of Dying Kale (And How To Fix It!)

Dying Kale Plant

Few things are more disheartening than approaching your kale plants, only to find yellow, wilted leaves or unsightly lesions. Just like any other plant, kale is vulnerable to factors that can impact its health. So, why is your kale dying? Let’s find out. Why Is My Kale Dying? The most common reasons your kale is … Read more

8 Kale Pests (And How to Get Rid of Them!)

Kale Plant

One of the most common issues you might encounter when growing kale is the relentless attack on your kale plants by various pests. These voracious critters can quickly turn your thriving kale patch into a battleground of chewed leaves and wilted greens. So in this article, I’ll cover 8 common kale pests that love eating … Read more

9 Pumpkin Pests (And How To Get Rid Of Them!)

Pumpkin Vine with Pumpkin and Flower

Have you wandered into your pumpkin patch only to uncover half-eaten leaves, gnawed vines, and scarred pumpkin fruit? Then you probably want to know what’s eating your pumpkin plants and how to get rid of them! What’s Eating My Pumpkins? The most likely pests eating your pumpkins are squash bugs, aphids, squash vine borer, armyworms, … Read more

Tomato Chili And Ginger Jam Recipe

Recipe for Tomato Chili Jam

This Tomato Chili and Ginger Jam recipe is sweet and mild with only a small amount of heat from the chilies. It’s the perfect condiment for adding a lovely sweet and slight spiciness to your favorite dish. The recipe is quick and dead easy to make, even for those of you who aren’t a whiz … Read more

Are Pumpkin Leaves Edible? (And How to Eat Pumpkin Leaves)

Are Pumpkin Leaves Edible (and how to eat pumpkin leaves)

There’s nothing in your garden that says fall more than some delicious pumpkins. While some people prefer going on annual trips to a pumpkin patch to prepare for autumn, pumpkins are actually great fruits to grow in your garden and use for some truly delicious dishes. But can you eat pumpkin leaves? What many people … Read more

Pumpkin Flowers But No Fruit? 8 Causes and Solutions

Pumpkin Flower with Undeveloped Fruit

Have you found yourself puzzled by the sight of beautiful pumpkin flowers blooming in your garden, only to be disappointed they are not producing any fruit? It’s a situation I’ve experienced myself, so I understand the frustration this can cause. So let’s find out why a pumpkin plant produces flowers but fails to grow pumpkins. … Read more

Why are Burpless Cucumbers Called Burpless?

Cucumber slices

At a farmers market recently, I came across a variety of cucumber called “Burpless Cucumber”. Does it mean you won’t burp after eating these cucumbers? Do cucumbers even cause burping? Does burpless mean something else entirely? With so many questions, I decided to do some research to find out what is a burpless cucumber. Seed companies … Read more

7 Reasons Your Lettuce Is Dying (And How To Fix It!)

butterhead lettuce

Lettuce is an annual plant categorized as ‘easy to grow.’ However, when your lettuce plants start dying, you can be left scratching your head wondering why. There are several reasons your easy-to-grow lettuce plants are suddenly dying. Why Is My Lettuce Dying? The most likely reasons your lettuce is dying are watering issues, too much … Read more

10 Lettuce Pests (And How to Get Rid of Them!)

Garden Lettuce

When you discover something is eating your lettuce before you get the chance to enjoy it, frustration can quickly set in. Seeing holes in lettuce leaves and wilting plants can leave you wondering exactly what pest is eating your lettuce. I have also encountered annoying pests on my lettuce and know the frustration is real! … Read more

7 Reasons Potato Plants Are Dying (and how to fix it!)

Dying Potato Plants

Potatoes are a favorite in the vegetable garden because they are fairly easy to grow, but that is not to say they do not have their issues, they do! As a home gardener, witnessing your potato plants wilting, yellowing, or dying can be disheartening and frustrating. Related: How To Grow Potatoes in a Bag | … Read more