How To Grow Broccoli: Planting, Caring and Harvesting Broccoli

Broccoli plant

Growing your own broccoli brings a lot of satisfaction. Being able to harvest beautiful large broccoli heads and cut one up for dinner will make you feel like a vegetable gardening champion! And once you learn the tips and tricks for growing your own broccoli, you’ll never look back. So let’s find out how to grow broccoli … Read more

Why Broccoli Tastes Bitter and How to Make it Taste Better

Whole Broccoli on Cutting Board

Broccoli is a very versatile vegetable. You can use broccoli in a stir fry, steam it, boil it, bake it with cheese, blend it into soup, and even eat it raw. But unexpected bitterness is unpleasant in any of these scenarios. So if you’ve come across bitter broccoli, you might be wondering what’s caused it. … Read more

Why Is My Broccoli Dying? Causes and Solutions

Unhealthy Broccoli Plant

Nutritious, delicious, and relatively easy to grow – just three reasons broccoli is one of the most popular crops in the garden and the kitchen. But if you’re finding your broccoli plants dying, it’s only natural that you’ll want to know what might be causing it. The most common causes of broccoli plants dying are … Read more

What’s Eating My Broccoli? (And how to get rid of them!)

What Is Eating My Broccoli

You might struggle to get your kids to eat wholesome, nutrient-packed broccoli, but unfortunately, the tiny critters of the garden need no such encouragement. Broccoli, along with the rest of the brassica family, are a firm favorite for caterpillars, bugs, and all manner of insects. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at how … Read more

Why Is My Broccoli Turning Yellow? (And how to fix it)

Broccoli Plant Turning Yellow

Growing broccoli is a wonderful way to have a great supply of this delicious vegetable. And it always tastes better when you grow it yourself. But what do you do if your broccoli is turning yellow? Broccoli turning yellow is typically a sign of poor health. Healthy broccoli is a lovely green color. If your … Read more

Why Is My Broccoli Flowering? Causes and Solutions!

Flowering Broccoli - Why is My Broccoli Flowering Causes and Solutions

Broccoli is a cool weather plant, which means that it grows best in moderate weather. This also means that in many areas, broccoli can have a short window in which to grow well, so gardeners often find themselves struggling with broccoli that flowers instead of continuing to grow. If your broccoli is flowering (known as … Read more

Eating Broccoli Leaves and Flowers With Recipe Ideas

Broccoli Plant - Eating Broccoli Leaves and Flowers with Recipes

Broccoli is a versatile, delicious vegetable packed with nutrients and goodness but did you know you can also eat broccoli leaves and flowers? When you grow your own broccoli you might realize what a small portion of the plant we traditionally eat. It seems such a waste to throw all those big, lush broccoli leaves … Read more