How To Grow Corn: A Beginners Guide To Growing Corn

Corn Growing

Biting into your own homegrown corn is a vegetable gardener’s summer treat. If you have never grown corn, learning the conditions it likes will help you achieve a healthy crop of your own. So read on to find out everything a beginner needs to know to grow corn at home. Related: The Growth Stages of … Read more

The Growth Stages of Corn: From Seed to Harvest

Growth Stages of Corn

As a gardener, it is important to understand the growth stages of the plants you are growing, so you can provide the right care and attention at the right time. Corn is a popular choice among home gardeners, but it can be a challenge to understand the growth process. Corn takes two to three months … Read more

Why Is My Corn Sour? Answered!

Boy eating eating sweet corn that happens to be sour.

Corn is one of the most enjoyed vegetables around. Many agree that nothing tastes better than a fresh ear of sweet corn with some salt and butter. But what if you bite into that ear of corn only to find out that it has a sour taste? Here I’ll talk about why sweet corn can … Read more

What’s Eating My Corn? Answered!

Western Corn Rootworm Beetle

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had unknown critters in the garden gobbling up the corn harvest before I have the chance to put it on the dinner table. Last year we lost half of our yield to an unidentified assailant terrorizing the corn plants. Luckily, several pests and animals are nearly … Read more

Why Is My Corn So Small? Causes and Solutions

Small Corn - Why Is My Corn So Small

If you’ve ever grown your own corn plants, only to be disappointed by small ears of corn, then this article is for you. There are a number of reasons your corn plants or cobs might not be the swaggering size you’d hoped for. So we set out to answer the question: why is my corn … Read more

How Many Ears Of Corn Grow On One Stalk? (Answered!)

How Many Ears Of Corn Grow On One Stalk - Corn Growing

Corn, also known as maize, originated in Mexico 9000 years ago and is now the staple food of many countries across the world. There are many different hybrids and cultivars of corn today. Some are designed for human consumption while others are more suited to animal feed. But have you ever wondered how many ears of … Read more

Easy Corn Fritter Recipe With Basil

Basil and Corn Fritters Recipe

This easy corn fritter recipe with basil is a hit for morning tea, brunch and light meals. And they make clever use of homegrown basil. Read on for how to make this easy corn fritter recipe with fresh basil. What to Serve with Corn Fritters Corn fritters are a great snack on their own or … Read more