What’s Eating My Sugar Snap Peas? (And how to get rid of them!)

Pest Eaten Sugar Snap Peas - What's Eating My Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas make a lovely addition to any garden. They aren’t too challenging to grow and when sugar snap peas are ready for the dinner table, they provide an excellent source of vitamin K and other nutrients. If your sugar snap peas are being eaten and terrorized by some unknown pest, like mine was … Read more

How To Grow Sugar Snap Peas: Growing Guide And Tips

How To Grow Sugar Snap Peas - Lots of Peas On A Plant

Growing sugar snap peas and harvesting them from the garden is so rewarding! I love using them in salads and stir-fries so much that this year I have succession planted my sugar snap peas so I can harvest them for many months. One of the many benefits of growing your own vegetables is controlling the chemicals and … Read more