Tomato Chili And Ginger Jam Recipe

Recipe for Tomato Chili Jam

This Tomato Chili and Ginger Jam recipe is sweet and mild with only a small amount of heat from the chilies. It’s the perfect condiment for adding a lovely sweet and slight spiciness to your favorite dish. The recipe is quick and dead easy to make, even for those of you who aren’t a whiz … Read more

7 Bell Pepper Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

Bell Pepper Plant

Bell peppers are a firm favorite for home gardeners. However, they also happen to be a favorite snack for cunning garden pests. If you have noticed nibbled leaves on your bell pepper plants or fruits with holes in them, read on to find out what is eating your bell peppers, and how to get rid … Read more

Why Are My Chilies Not Ripening? Causes And Solutions

Ripe and unripe hot chili peppers in garden

Chili peppers are an exciting addition to any kitchen garden and can be grown relatively easily, even in temperate climates. But what do you do if your chilies aren’t ripening properly? Do you feel you’re missing out on spice and taste, and want to know what’s causing it? If your chilies are not ripening the … Read more

Why Are My Bell Peppers So Small? Answered!

Small Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are a delicious, vibrant, and versatile addition to the kitchen. If you’re growing them yourself, you’ll likely want them to grow as big as possible! If you’re worried that your bell peppers are looking a bit small or stunted, there are fortunately a number of things you can do to try to remedy … Read more

Bell Pepper Flowers But No Fruit? Causes and Solutions

Bell Pepper Flowers But No Fruit

Bell peppers are a popular ingredient to add to many dishes making them an exciting addition to the veggie garden. So if your bell pepper plant is flowering but not producing fruit, it can be frustrating. In this article, I’ll cover the possible reasons why your bell pepper plant is flowering but not fruiting, as … Read more

Bell Peppers Not Germinating? 6 Tips to Sprout Them

Bell Pepper Plant - Bell Pepper Seeds Not Germinating

When bell pepper seeds don’t sprout, it can be frustrating and disappointing. It takes care, time, and the proper conditions for bell pepper seeds to germinate (also known as capsicums). So in this post, I’ll go over what all those conditions are, and give you some tips to get your bell pepper seeds to sprout … Read more

Brown Spots On Peppers: Causes And Solutions

Brown Spots On Peppers Causes and Solutions

Growing bell peppers in your garden can be very rewarding. The beautiful little jewels add flavor and color to a variety of delicious dishes. But growing your own peppers can be frustrating when they develop brown spots for apparently no reason at all. Here are some causes of brown spots on peppers and what you … Read more

Growing Jalapenos: Planting and Harvesting Jalapeno Peppers

Growing Jalapeno Peppers Planting and Harvesting

Jalapenos are the most common, and most popular, type of pepper grown around the world. Their sweet spice lets people get some of that delicious heat, without overwhelming their taste buds. And growing jalapenos is not only fun but easy! Jalapenos are a fairly hardy plant that can produce a lot of fruit with a … Read more