You might not have a green thumb yet, but that’s all about to change! Imagine heading out to your vegetable garden and picking fresh basil to add to your pasta sauce tonight. Or perhaps growing your very own organic tomatoes and lettuce to make a salad to go with your pasta dish. Well, that’s exactly what got me excited about growing my own food.

I’m Jo, a backyard gardener who is passionate about growing food. Along the way, I’ve discovered how rewarding edible gardening can be and I want to share that with you here.

Jo Harrison

I favor a natural approach to gardening and use organic gardening methods over chemical fertilizers, and pest and disease control.

Growing your own herbs, vegetables, and fruit can be so rewarding, though it is not unusual that some plants will not thrive in your growing conditions. Please don’t be afraid of having failures in the vegetable garden.

My biggest failure to date is trying to grow an avocado tree that is so far struggling to thrive. I’ve also lived through seasons of heavy rain and scorching heat, both of which cause havoc in the vegetable garden.

However, it’s important to remember the garden is forgiving and generous with a few care tips. The important part is to give it a go and find the edible plants that will grow best for you in your garden. 

And while I have had many failures, I’ve learned from them and now I can help you fix your vegetable garden problems or avoid them altogether.

I’ve also had far more garden success than failures. My garden gives us punnet after punnet of strawberries, gorgeous stalks of rhubarb, lovely juicy lemons, leafy greens such as kale, lettuce, tomatoes, rosemary, basil and so much more.

I also share preserving ideas such as freezing kale, and recipes inspired by the vegetable garden such as coconut curry pumpkin soup and pickled radishes. As well as using the often forgotten parts of a plant (pumpkin leaves, watermelon rind, and nasturtium seed capers) which reduces our food waste and helps us eat more from our garden.

So whether you’re interested in growing herbs, vegetables, fruit, or edible flowers you have come to the right place! At Plant Food At Home, I want to help you to sow seeds to grow a feast for your table.

Happy food gardening,

Jo Harrison

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Anyone can develop a green thumb!