9 Pumpkin Pests (And How To Get Rid Of Them!)

Pumpkin Vine with Pumpkin and Flower

Have you wandered into your pumpkin patch only to uncover half-eaten leaves, gnawed vines, and scarred pumpkin fruit? Then you probably want to know what’s eating your pumpkin plants and how to get rid of them! What’s Eating My Pumpkins? The most likely pests eating your pumpkins are squash bugs, aphids, squash vine borer, armyworms, … Read more

Are Pumpkin Leaves Edible? (And How to Eat Pumpkin Leaves)

Are Pumpkin Leaves Edible (and how to eat pumpkin leaves)

There’s nothing in your garden that says fall more than some delicious pumpkins. While some people prefer going on annual trips to a pumpkin patch to prepare for autumn, pumpkins are actually great fruits to grow in your garden and use for some truly delicious dishes. But can you eat pumpkin leaves? What many people … Read more

Pumpkin Flowers But No Fruit? 8 Causes and Solutions

Pumpkin Flower with Undeveloped Fruit

Have you found yourself puzzled by the sight of beautiful pumpkin flowers blooming in your garden, only to be disappointed they are not producing any fruit? It’s a situation I’ve experienced myself, so I understand the frustration this can cause. So let’s find out why a pumpkin plant produces flowers but fails to grow pumpkins. … Read more

The 7 Growth Stages of a Pumpkin: From Seed to Harvest

Growth Stages of a Pumpkin

Growing your own pumpkin plant at home is an exciting journey as you track the different stages of its growth. The satisfying feeling of being able to harvest your own vegetable after watching it grow into a delectable, mature pumpkin is incomparable. A pumpkin plant will generally take between 90-120 days from seed to harvest … Read more

7 Causes of Dying Pumpkins with Solutions

Pumpkin Plants With Dry Leaves

We all want to grow the best pumpkins our home gardens can provide. So it’s disappointing if our pumpkins fall off of the vine prematurely or begin to rot and die. If like me, you have experienced dying pumpkins, you’re probably wondering what’s causing your pumpkins to die and how can you prevent this from … Read more

Halloween Pumpkins: Carving, Decorating and Eating

How to Carve a Halloween Pumpkin

When October comes around each year, I know I’m in for a treat. Because just around the corner is Halloween and my favorite; Halloween pumpkins. So in this article, I’m answering questions about the types of pumpkins used for carving scary faces, how to carve a Halloween pumpkin, and pumpkin decorating ideas you can try. … Read more

Growing Pumpkins Successfully At Home

Growing Pumpkins at Home

Are you looking for how to grow pumpkins at home? Then you’ve come to the right place. One of the most recognizable members of the squash family, pumpkins are a hallmark of many gardens. Pumpkins are a versatile kitchen staple to make savory and sweet dishes and as an icon of fall, people like to carve … Read more

Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup Recipe With 3 Ingredients

Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup Recipe 3 Ingredients 2

This coconut curry pumpkin soup recipe uses just 3 ingredients and might just be the easiest pumpkin soup you’ll ever make! Bringing the flavors of fall to life with the warming goodness of pumpkin, this soup is a celebration of this versatile vegetable. And did you know, pumpkin is really good for you? Pumpkin is … Read more