Can You Eat Unripe Avocados? Answered!

Can You Eat Unripe Avocado

Do you have avocados that aren’t quite ripe yet? And are you wondering if you can eat unripe avocados? Let’s find out. Yes, you can eat unripe avocados but they do not have as much flavor nor the lovely, creamy texture that ripe avocados have. Are Unripe Avocados Safe to Eat? Unripe Avocados are perfectly safe to … Read more

How To Make Labneh: Recipe For Yogurt Cheese

Labneh Yogurt Cheese Recipe

This easy labneh recipe is really so simple to make and makes an impressive entertaining dish to serve your friends and family. Homemade labneh takes only a matter of minutes to prepare and in 12-24 hours, this deliciously creamy yogurt cheese is ready for eating. Read on to find out how to make labneh and … Read more

Eating Crab Apples with Recipe Ideas

Red Crab Apples - Eating Crab Apples with Recipe Ideas

Growing up in a cold part of the country the only fruit that ever survived the frosts were crab apples and mulberries. It was so exciting picking the little apples and helping my mom make crab apple jelly and little apple pies. They obviously take a little more work to prepare but the rewards were … Read more

Eating Broccoli Leaves and Flowers With Recipe Ideas

Broccoli Plant - Eating Broccoli Leaves and Flowers with Recipes

Broccoli is a versatile, delicious vegetable packed with nutrients and goodness but did you know you can also eat broccoli leaves and flowers? When you grow your own broccoli you might realize what a small portion of the plant we traditionally eat. It seems such a waste to throw all those big, lush broccoli leaves … Read more

Why is Celery Bitter (And How to Fix It)

Why is Celery Bitter and How to Fix it - Bunch of Celery

There is nothing worse than going to all the effort of growing what should be delicious organic celery only to find it is bitter and horrible. There are five main reasons why celery becomes overly bitter. Read on to find out what causes celery to become bitter and how you can ensure your celery crop … Read more

Cooking and Eating Fennel (Including Leaves and Seeds)

Bulb Fennel - Cooking and Eating Fennel

Fennel is a feathery herb and bulb vegetable with a fresh flavor with hints of licorice. Traditionally the leaves were used when cooking fish but there is so much more to this unique herb and vegetable. Every part of the fennel plant can be eaten including the leaves, bulb, flowers, and seeds. So read on to … Read more

Sweet Stewed Chayote Fruit Recipe

Close-up of Sweet Stewed Chayote Fruit Recipe

This sweet stewed chayote fruit recipe is super simple to make and the perfect way to use up a bumper harvest of chayote. If you love the taste of stewed apples, then you’ll love this sweetened chayote compote. Chayote, also known as choko, can easily be used as a cooked apple substitute or mock apple. … Read more

What Makes Eggplants Bitter (and how to fix it)

What Makes Eggplants Bitter

Have you ever spent time lovingly cooking a dish with eggplant only to taste a mouthful of bitterness and horror? Well, I’ve been there too. And I wanted to find out what makes eggplants bitter and how to make sure I never eat a bitter eggplant again. Read on to find out more. What Makes … Read more

Can You Eat Rosemary With Yellow Spots? (Answered!)

Can You Eat Rosemary with Yellow Spots

While out to harvest some rosemary recently, I noticed my rosemary plant had yellow spots. Wanting rosemary for roasting potatoes, I wondered if you can still eat rosemary with these yellow spots. I also wanted to know what causes the yellow spots on rosemary and how to fix them. So I did some research and … Read more

Eating Moringa with Recipe Ideas

Moringa Tree - Eating Moringa with Recipe Ideas

Moringa is known as the miracle tree or tree of life but if you’re not sure what moringa is, if you’re wondering how to eat moringa or you’re looking for recipes ideas using this superfood then look no further. In this article, we’re exploring the many ways to eat moringa with healthy and delicious recipe ideas you … Read more