Why Are My Cabbage Leaves Turning Yellow? With Solutions!

Cabbages in the field turning yellow

If your cabbage leaves are turning yellow, you’ll want to know the reasons why and how to fix the problem. So read on to find the cause of yellow cabbage leaves along with the solutions. The most common reasons cabbage leaves turn yellow are due to a lack of sunlight, the temperature being too high, … Read more

Why Is My Cabbage Bitter? Answered!

fresh cabbage sliced in half

If you’ve come across an overly bitter cabbage, you’re going to want to know why and how to make cabbage less bitter. So here’s everything you need to know about why cabbage sometimes tastes bitter, with solutions for how to fix it.     Why Cabbage Tastes Bitter The main reason that cabbage tastes bitter has to … Read more

Vegetarian Mushroom Cabbage Rolls – Polish Golabki Recipe

Vegetarian Mushroom Golabki (Polish Cabbage Rolls)

This cabbage rolls recipe was inspired by my Polish grandmother who was also an inspiration to me in the garden. She made Polish stuffed cabbage rolls, traditionally known as Gołąbki, from her home-grown cabbages, with traditional meat and rice filling. But with a growing number of vegetarians in the family, we needed a meat-free option. Credit … Read more