Cantaloupe Flowering But No Fruit? Causes And Solutions

Cantaloupe Flower - Cantaloupe Flowers But No Fruit

If your cantaloupe plants are flowering but not producing fruit, you’ll want to know why. After all, ripe cantaloupe is a delicious summer fruit, and it can be frustrating to see flowers but not get any fruit. There are only a few common reasons why cantaloupes might flower but not fruit. In this article, I’ll … Read more

Why Is My Rhubarb Thin? (And How To Fix It)

Why is My Rhubarb Thin and How to Fix it

Rhubarb is known for its delicious stalks, while the leaves of the plant are inedible. So of course, you’re going to what thick, juicy rhubarb stalks. But what do you do when your rhubarb stalks are thin? Luckily, this issue can be fixed. In this post, I’ll look at why your rhubarb might be thin, … Read more

Watermelon Plant Dying? Causes and Solutions

Why Is My Watermelon Plant Dying

Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits. There’s nothing better than biting into that crisp, sweet, juicy melon in the middle of summer. If you too love watermelons, then growing them is a no-brainer. However, watermelon plants can sometimes run into growing problems. And if your watermelon plant is dying, you’ll want to fix the … Read more

Does Rhubarb Die After Flowering? Answered!

Rhubarb in Flower- Does Rhubarb Die After Flowering

Rhubarb is a delicious garden plant, and who doesn’t love a good rhubarb and strawberry pie? So if you’re growing rhubarb, and you notice it starting to flower, you might be wondering; does rhubarb die after flowering? In this post, I’ll answer that question, as well as other common questions related to rhubarb flowering. Read … Read more

Why Is My Rhubarb Dying? Causes and Solutions

Dying Rhubarb Plant - Why is my Rhubarb Dying

If your rhubarb plants are dying, you’re going to want to figure out why as soon as you can, so you can fix the issue. Luckily, most things that cause rhubarb to die can be fixed with simple, at-home methods. In this post, I’ll talk about the most common causes of rhubarb plants dying, and … Read more

Brown Spots on Avocado Leaves: Causes and Solutions

Brown Spots on Avocado Leaves Causes and Solutions

Avocado trees take an average of 7 years to start bearing fruit. So planting an avocado tree is a long-term investment. They are not easy trees to grow and are prone to disease and are generally quite vulnerable. So if you see brown spots on the leaves of your avocado tree you need to act … Read more

Can You Eat Apples With Brown Spots? Answered!

Can You Eat Apples With Brown Spots

There are a number of factors that can cause apples to turn brown or get brown spots. If you are wondering if you can eat apples with brown spots, it is important to identify what is causing the brown spot before you munch into it. Related: 8 Best Apple Juicers | Eating Crab Apples | … Read more

Strawberry Plant Flowers But No Fruit: Causes And Solutions

Why Does Strawberry Plant Flower But No Fruit

When strawberry plants flower but don’t produce fruit, it can be very frustrating. Why do strawberry plants produce such beautiful flowers but not any delicious strawberry fruits? As it turns out, strawberry plants flowering but not producing fruit is actually quite a common problem. Luckily, most of these reasons can be fixed or prevented. So why does the strawberry plant … Read more

Peach Tree Leaves Turning Yellow: Causes and Solutions

Peach Tree Leaves Turning Yellow - Causes and Solutions

When growing your own peach trees you can run into problems with their health and growth. You may be wondering, why are my peach tree leaves turning yellow? Well, this is a surprisingly common issue, especially in colder or wetter climates. Luckily, there are ways to treat peach trees whose leaves are turning yellow. The most … Read more

Tree Tomato: Tamarillo Tree Leaves Turning Yellow (Causes And Solutions)

Tamarillo Tree Leaves Turning Yellow - Causes and Solutions - Tree Tomato

If your tamarillo tree leaves are turning yellow and you want to know why, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we look at the possible causes for yellowing tamarillo leaves (also known as the tree tomato) and provide solutions. Reasons a tamarillo tree leaves turn yellow include lack of fertilizer, growing in a … Read more