Where to Buy Seeds Online: Herb, Vegetable and Heirloom Seeds

As a gardener, where you get your seeds is important. You can buy them from big companies like Home Depot or Burpee — and there’s nothing wrong with that! I used to get a lot of my plants from Home Depot, and still get some there every year.

But there are dozens of other online vendors that might fit your needs better, and that could have a better selection. Plus, it can be nice to support smaller sellers instead of large companies. So what are your options for buying seeds online? Let’s take a look.

Where to Buy Seeds Online Herb Vegetable Organic and Heirloom Seeds

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Adaptive Seeds

Selling: Organic Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers, Garlic, Grains, and Cover Crop Seeds

Adaptive Seeds have an extensive range of seeds that are all organic and open-pollinated. Being open-pollinated you can save your own seed for growing a future crop.

As well as herbs and vegetables, there is a range of flowers, garlic, grains, and cover crops as well as a collection of books.

Their ‘Featured Items’ makes it easier to search for groups of recommended seeds. For example, Perennial Vegetables and Winter Varieties.

I’d Love To Grow: Adaptive Seeds sell a Seed Collection, Kimchi Garden which includes napa cabbage, Korean hot peppers, radish, carrots, and green onions. I love this idea!

Annie’s Annuals and Perennials

Selling: Herbs, Vegetables, Succulents, Shrubs, and Flowers

Annie’s Annuals and Perennials sell a wide range of seeds, from vegetables and herbs to all kinds of flowers. They like to grow all of their plants outside of greenhouses, so they’re already hardened off if you choose to buy established plants instead of seeds.

They love perennials, especially the taller varieties, instead of more modern “shrubby” varieties. They also grow annuals. Their “totally useful plant lists” help you narrow down your search by what type of plants you need for your environment.

Their specialty, though, is growing local California wildflowers, which you can then buy anywhere in the US!  And on top of plants, they also sell all sorts of gifts you can buy for fellow gardening enthusiasts (or yourself).

I’d Love to Grow: They have some delicious varieties of basil, like “African Blue” and “Wild Magic”, which would be very fun to grow!

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Selling: Herbs, Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, and Bulbs

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a personal favorite of mine. They sell a big variety of seeds, and their focus is on rare seeds, which might be hard to find elsewhere.

At Baker Creek, you can find all types of herbs, vegetables, flowers, bulbs, and other live plants and seeds. I’ve gotten Dutch and French strawberries, Kohlrabi, and many more delicious plants for my garden.

They also offer a whole seed catalog each year, with an explanation of all of the seeds available. For free, you can get a smaller seed catalog with some of their favorites.

Plus, with every order you place, they’ll send you a free surprise seed package!

I’d Love to Grow: Their ‘New Items’ category contains many interesting and unique plants that would make a great garden addition. I’m particularly keen to try the Orange Accordia Tomato which looks huge and delicious. Along with the Purple Beauty Pepper whose color looks stunning.

Botanical Interests

Selling: Organic Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers

At Botanical Interests, they care a lot about organic gardening, and about helping others with organic gardening. They have dozens of options in every category, and an impressive collection of different lettuce types.

This company also provides a lot of guidance around what their different types of plants are, and how best to grow them.

On top of seeds and plants, they also sell various types of sustainably-sourced gardening materials, like pots and garden stakes.

I’d Love to Grow: The Chef’s Herb Garden Collection contains 9 herbs that are a staple to any kitchen garden, including Oregano and Thyme. You could get a lot of delicious meals out of this collection.

Eden Brothers

Selling: Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers, Wildflowers, and Organic Options

Eden Brothers sell multiple types of seeds, from heirloom to open pollination to hybrid. They have options for nearly any gardener out there.

Additionally, none of their seeds are GMO, and they have a safe seed guarantee. They have a lot of wildflower mixes for those who enjoy flowers.

They also have a large collection of heirloom seeds, with over 30 varieties of bean seeds and pepper seeds, and 55 varieties of tomato.

If you want to have a multi-use garden or even just a large selection of vegetables, Eden Brothers is almost certainly going to have what you need.

I’d Love to Grow: The “small space garden” contains many plants that would be good for growing in small spaces. And great for someone who needs to conserve space in their garden. Tiny Tim Heirloom Tomatoes are perfect for growing in pots.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Selling: Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers

Johnny’s Selected Seeds sells organic, open-pollinated, heirloom, and hybrid seeds. They have a big variety of edible plants, including 9 types of raspberries (one of my favorites!).

Johnny’s also has a wonderful collection of online resources to help educate any gardener. And they sell farming and gardening tools, so you can get everything you need in one place.

For a large variety and lots of edible plants, Johnny’s is going to be a good option.

I’d Love to Grow: Their “grows well in containers” collection contains a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers that grow great in containers. Perfect for an indoor garden! And Red Rubin Organic Basil Seed produces amazing colored basil.

Kitazawa Seed Company

Selling: Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Microgreens, and Specialty Seeds

Kitazawa Seed Co. specializes in selling a variety of Asian seeds to US customers. The company was started by a Japanese-American farmer who wanted to sell the seeds he loved to others who would enjoy them and has been in business for over 100 years.

So on top of some of the standard crops, Kitazawa boasts an incredible collection of Asian microgreens, vegetables, and other specialty plants.

They also sell herbs and flowers from both the US and Asia, with a lot of Japanese plants involved. If you want to expand your garden beyond the standard US plants, this company is a great start.

I’d Love to Grow: The Chef’s Specialty Thai Garden contains seven seed packets from Thailand, which combine to grow delicious vegetables and herbs. They would be great to have on hand for a Thai dinner night. They include Thai pepper, cucumber, squash, basils, cilantro and eggplant.

Pinetree Garden Seeds

Selling: Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers, Bulbs

Pinetree Garden Seeds is a family-owned and operated business that’s been around for decades. They sell a very large variety of seeds, to fit any gardener’s needs.

They also sell many other things that gardeners might like, including books, gifts, garden supplies, spices, and teas.

If you’re a gardener who likes herbs, Pinetree has a lot of them. From common plants like basil and thyme to less common ones like Anise and Zataar, they have a lot of options. And they sell vegetables, flowers, and other types of plants.

I’d Love to Grow: Pinetree has a healing herbs garden kit that is fantastic. It contains 10 seeds for various herbs that are good for your health, as well as plant markers and a medicinal herbs beginner’s guide. Seeds include echinacea and marshmallow among others.

Prairie Moon Nursery

Selling: Wildflowers, Grasses, Native Plants

While Prairie Moon Nursery doesn’t sell a lot of herbs and vegetables, they’re worth mentioning for the number of flowers they offer. Prairie Moon is located in Minnesota and has the largest collection of native plants from the American Midwest.

They understand the importance of encouraging native plant growth and want to share that with others. Their website’s filters make it easy to sort by what type of plant you want, with many different categories.

So if you want to attract pollinators, or look for some edible flowers, Prairie Moon Nursery is a good option.

I’d Love to Grow: The pollinator introduction kit is great for attracting pollinators — which will help your other plants. It comes with an educational garden sign, a seed mix for good flowers, an insect interaction guide, and tubes to provide homes for native bees.

Row 7 Seeds

Selling: Vegetable Seeds

Row 7 Seeds has an interesting story. They started primarily to cater to the world of chefs striving for the best tasting produce to serve in their restaurants. Their seed stock is not extensive, but what they do offer will taste delicious.

All seeds are certified organic so you know there are no nasty chemicals used to produce your seed.

At the time of writing, the range of seeds is a limited collection of 14 varieties of vegetables and a gift set of four seed packets.

The site also includes some delicious recipes to cook using your homegrown produce.

They also provide growing information on all the seeds they sell to help you achieve success in the vegetable garden.

I’d Love To Grow: Badger Flame Beet. The shape (cylindrical) and color (golden-orange) of this beet make an exciting change from the regular round and crimson beets we are all familiar with.

San Diego Seed Company

Selling: Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Flowers, Heirloom, and Organic

San Diego Seed Company is another seller that cares about local plants. They sell a variety of plants that are found in Southern California and the Southwest; and also plants that are suited to all of the microclimates there.

They also sell a lot of rare and heirloom seeds, and many organic seeds. They have a lot of options when it comes to melons, with many different types and varieties for your garden.

On top of this, they sell gardening tools, planners, calendars, and other merchandise to help you display your love of plants.

I’d Love to Grow: Their winter gardening category has a lot of plants that are good to grow in the colder months and perfect if you’re looking for something to do until springtime! Purple Sun Carrot seeds produce a gorgeous purple carrot. While their rare seeds contain Black Nebular Carrot seeds that also look stunning!

Seeds of Change

Selling: Organic Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers

Seeds of Change, as their name would suggest, is pushing for change in the way we approach food. With every purchase, they plant more seeds in school programs around the country.

They sell a selection of organic herbs and vegetables, as well as flowers. They have over 100 vegetable varieties to get you started on delicious food.

On top of selling seeds, they also sell organic food and have recipes available on their website. They want more people to be eating from delicious gardens.

I’d Love to Grow: Seeds of Change has a Mediterranean Garden Collection that comes with four delectable vegetables, perfect for cooking healthy and yummy meals. They include finger eggplant, red globe onion, red bell pepper and zucchini.

Seed Savers Exchange

Selling: Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, and Trees; Heirloom and Open-Pollinated

Seed Savers Exchange is the biggest seed exchange program in the country. They connect thousands of gardeners, farmers, and others to help keep heirloom species thriving.

Most of what they provide are heirloom or open-pollinated varieties. They have a lot of vegetables and herbs, and over two dozen varieties of beans for your garden.

They also sell some merch, guides, and gardening tools. Seed Savers Exchange has approximately 20,000 varieties in their seed bank and rotates some of them in and out.

I’d Love to Grow: Their “From Our Collection” category contains a selection of rare heirloom seeds such as the Marrowstem Kale, which have been specially picked by the staff. They would make a delicious addition to any garden.

Siskigyou Seeds

Selling: Herbs, Vegetable, Flowers and Grains

Siskigyou Seeds has an excellent range of seeds for the home gardener with an extensive herb and vegetable collection as well as flowers and grains.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting tomatoes with a great range of over 70 varieties. And if you can’t decide, they offer an Heirloom Tomato Collection with 10 varieties including some favorites such as Cherokee Purple and Yellow Pear.

They also list a small number of permaculture or multi-use plants.

I’d Love To Grow: Siskigyou Seeds has a Fast Food Collection of seeds. I love the idea here being this collection of seeds will be ready for harvesting in a matter of 30 days. The collection has 8 packets of seed including radish, mustards, salad greens, and cress.

Small Island Seed Company

Selling: Herbs, Vegetables, and Flowers

Small Island Seed Company specializes in rare, cold-hardy, and perennial edible plants. They’re a good choice for gardeners who live in cold areas or want to try out more rare varieties.

They have a large collection of delicious greens, as well as six types of root vegetables. Many of their seeds and plants are ones you wouldn’t find at a standard garden store, which is what makes them unique.

This company also has a collection of medicinal plants and many types of flowers.

I’d Love to Grow: Their “spice” category has six rare varieties that would be fun to grow, and add a wonderful dash of spice to any dish. Earth Chestnuts would be amazing to grow.

Super Hot Chiles

Selling: Chile Seed

Chile fans will love the vanity of seed on offer from Super Hot Chiles. In fact, they offer over 600 varieties of chile seeds you can try!

As well as seeds, Super Hot Chiles offer over 100 different varieties of live plants during April through July, dried peppers, and dried chile powders.

You can also check out over 30 video recipes you can cook using your homegrown chiles.

I’d Love To Grow: Brown Jalapeno Pepper Plants. As someone who cannot tolerate a whole lot of heat, these jalapeno peppers are said to be mild with a sweet smoky heat. I’m also fascinated by the gorgeous brown color and generous growing size.

Territorial Seed Company

Selling: Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Garlic, Flowers

Territorial Seed Company has a very large selection of plants, with many different types. They also have heirloom and organic varieties and sell catalogs and garden supplies, as well as having grow guides.

You’ll love their selection of over a dozen varieties of tomatoes, or perhaps you want to select from their three types of sage, or hundreds of other vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Territorial Seed Company also offers a garden planner, a tool that will help you plan, keep track of, and care for your garden.

I’d Love to Grow: Their selection of “unique plants” contains seven varieties that all look delicious, and would certainly be a blast to grow. If you have the space, the time and the right climate, they currently have an English Oak Tree inoculated with Bianchetto Truffles!

West Coast Seeds

Selling: Herbs, Vegetables, Microgreens, Fruit, Flower, Grain and Grass Seeds

With a large collection of organic and non-GMO seeds, West Coast Seeds have everything a home gardener would want to grow. They are also big supporters of sustainable agriculture.

The site has plenty of learning resources such as grow guides, a crop planning tool, and a few recipes to try out.

As well as seeds, West Coast Seeds offers a range of garden supplies including row covers, organic fertilizers, and indoor growing kits.

I’d Love to Grow: Microgreen Sunflower Seeds are recommended by West Coast Seeds and they sound delicious. They also tell us that these seedlings contain 25% protein, so if you’re in need of extra protein in your meals, these are a winner.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are some amazing seed companies you can purchase your seeds from online. And although it hasn’t featured here, there’s also a large variety of seeds you can purchase from Amazon. In particular, this Survival Gear Food Seeds from Open Seed Vault has an amazing variety of 32 seeds which are all organic heirloom seeds packaged for starting a survival garden.

Happy growing!

Where to Buy Seeds Online Herb Vegetable and Heirloom Seeds

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