Sloggers Clogs Review – The Best Gardening Shoes?

Sloggers gardening clogs may just be the best gardening shoes for gardening at home. And in this review, you will read my first-hand experience of owning and using Sloggers gardening shoes in my own garden.  

Review of Slogger Clog Gardening Shoes

As practical and stylish gardening shoes, Sloggers gardening clogs tick many boxes. After all, who says just because you’re working in the garden, you shouldn’t look good too? A dash of color and a bit of comfort will go a long way to making your gardening task a pleasant one! 

If you own a pair of gumboots, you know the drama that comes with wearing them. First, you have to pick a spot, sit down, and wrestle the boots onto your feet. Then you have to walk around with a squeaky sound, especially if they get wet or sweaty!

Don’t get me wrong, boots are great and may never be replaced since they provide great protection as you work. (Sloggers also do a boot here if you’re interested).

However, sometimes you just need a simple, waterproof pair of shoes to stroll around your garden after the rain, or when the dew is out, or really anytime you want to do some light gardening. This is where Sloggers gardening clogs really shine.

For my recent birthday, I was fortunate enough to receive my Sloggers clogs from my husband – he knows me well! He picked the pattern Spring Surprise Blue – which I just love. And you can purchase the same ones for around the $35 mark here – Sloggers Cloggs Spring Surprise Blue. There are also many other cute patterns to choose from.

Features of Sloggers Cloggs Gardening Shoes – The Pros

Slogger Gardening Shoes Review

These gardening shoes provide “all-day” comfort and of course, they are waterproof. And being a work shoe, Sloggers are designed for getting messy. At the end of the day, all you have to do is hose them off, let them dry and they are good to store away for your next use.

Although they are made from plastic, they are from recyclable materials which is great for the environment! Actually, when you have worn your shoes out, you can return them to Sloggers and they will recycle them. What a great initiative!

Sloggers Review

They are easy to slip on and off and will comfortably mold to your feet.

Sloggers Clogs Are Built To Last

Sloggers Shoes Review

You don’t have to worry about these babies getting ruined too soon. The strong sole comprises of deep rubber tread so even if you use them in rough conditions, they’ll still hold their own.

Sloggers can also be used in slippery situations without a major worry of slipping. I feel confident I won’t slip and fall when I’m out tending to my backyard chickens in wet conditions when mud and chicken poop all beautifully smoosh together to create hazardous conditions!

And Sloggers are made in the US and give off that good vibe with the “Made in the USA” stamp!

Sloggers Stylish Design

Slogger Clog Gardening Shoes Review

Sloggers women’s waterproof garden clogs come in many beautiful colors and patterns to suit different tastes and preferences. So if you’re purchasing these garden shoes for yourself or a loved one, you’re bound to find the perfect pattern to match each unique personality. Currently there are 21 designs to choose from.

And being so stylish, they can be taken from the garden to running errands or to some workplaces without raising too many eyebrows. For example, if your favorite nurse steps into your room with these babies on, don’t be too surprised!

The Cons of Slogger Garden Clogs

Since they are made from recycled plastic material they can get a little sweaty if you are using them in very humid areas. But, this is a small price to pay for the clean, dry feet you’ll have at the end of your gardening adventure! 

These garden clogs are heavier than a normal shoe but that’s because they are a work shoe and will provide you with the protection you need in the garden.

Sloggers only come in full sizes – frustrating if you fall in the half-size category. On the plus side though, half-size insoles can be purchased here to close down the difference when you order a size up.

Customer Reviews and Rating

Sloggers Gardening Shoes Review

These Sloggers clogs have over 21,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.6 out of 5 Star rating – impressive!

Are Sloggers the Best Gardening Shoe?

Speaking as someone who has previously gardened in passed-their-used-by-date sneakers and quite often even flip flops, so far my Sloggers clogs have proven to be the best gardening shoes I’ve owned. They fit nicely, they protect my feet and I feel 100% more stylish wearing them in the garden!

So if you’re looking for comfortable, easy-to-slip on-and-off garden shoes then consider Sloggers gardening clogs. They’re comfortable, waterproof, easy to maintain, and they look great too!

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Sloggers Clogs Review - The Best Garden Shoes?

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