Why Is My Mint Flowering? Causes And Solutions

Flowering Mint

Gardeners of all varieties love mint for its flavor, aroma, and relatively forgiving nature. But although mint may be comparatively easy to grow, it also has a tendency to put out flowers towards the end of the summer months. Should you be worried about this? And how can you delay this flowering process? Mint will … Read more

Why Is My Corn Sour? Answered!

Boy eating eating sweet corn that happens to be sour.

Corn is one of the most enjoyed vegetables around. Many agree that nothing tastes better than a fresh ear of sweet corn with some salt and butter. But what if you bite into that ear of corn only to find out that it has a sour taste? Here I’ll talk about why sweet corn can … Read more

Why Are My Watermelons Not Ripening? With Solutions!

Slice of unripe watermelon

There’s nothing better in the hot summer months than a juicy slice of watermelon, especially if it’s grown in your own garden. If your watermelons aren’t ripening properly though, you’ll want to find out why. No one wants to be deprived of that sweet juiciness! If your watermelons are slow to ripen or are failing … Read more

Watermelon Flowers But No Fruit? Causes and Solutions

Flowers blooming from a watermelon plant.

I know it can be very frustrating if your watermelon plant is flowering but not producing any fruit. After all, is there anything better than sitting under the summer sun with a chunk of watermelon in your hand? This is quite a common problem, so let’s have a look at the reasons why this is … Read more

Why Are My Mulberries So Small? Answered!

Small Mulberries

Mulberries can make a delicious, fast-growing, nutrient-packed alternative to blackberries. Given they’re not usually commercially available because of a short shelf-life, growing mulberries yourself is often the only way to have a reliable store. So if your mulberry tree is fruiting but the mulberries are looking small, you’ll want to know why. The most common … Read more

Why Are My Chilies Not Ripening? Causes And Solutions

Ripe and unripe hot chili peppers in garden

Chili peppers are an exciting addition to any kitchen garden and can be grown relatively easily, even in temperate climates. But what do you do if your chilies aren’t ripening properly? Do you feel you’re missing out on spice and taste, and want to know what’s causing it? If your chilies are not ripening the … Read more

Feijoa Flowers But No Fruit? Causes and Solutions

Feijoa Flower

Is your feijoa tree flowering but not producing any fruit? This can be frustrating because who doesn’t like cutting into a feijoa, also called pineapple guava, and scooping out the deliciousness inside? This is quite a common problem and there are measures you can take to make sure your feijoa tree produces fruit in time … Read more

Why Are My Mangoes So Small? Answered!

Small ripe mango placed on the palm

If you grow mangoes, it’s likely that you want these delicious, tropical fruits to grow as big and juicy as possible. So if your mangoes are on the small side, or if they’re dropping from the tree before they look ripe and ready to eat, you’ll want to know why. Small mangoes can be caused … Read more

Why Is My Bok Choy Flowering? Causes and Solutions

Flowering Bok Choy

Bok choy are prized for their crisp, vibrant leaves and fast-growing times. Some bok choy varieties will give you a healthy harvest within 6 weeks! Unfortunately, bok choy can also be prone to early flowering and bolting, a process that often causes the leaves to turn bitter and woody. So if your bok choy is flowering prematurely, you’ll … Read more

Why Is My Watermelon Bitter? Answered!

Sliced watermelons on table and on wooden chopping board

Whenever summer starts, I find myself craving watermelon. A good juicy watermelon tastes sweet and is incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day. So what do you do if you grow or purchase a watermelon that tastes bitter? Keep reading to discover why this can happen and how to fix it. Why Is My Watermelon … Read more