Sweet Salty Spicy Nuts Recipe

Sweet Salty Spicy Nuts Recipe

This recipe for sweet, salty and spicy nuts makes a great party snack or a homemade edible gift recipient will love! Here I’ve used dry roasted cashews, almonds and walnuts but you can mix up the quantities to favor your preferred nut variety or substitute the nuts for a different variety altogether. Alternative nut choices … Read more

How to Grow Lemongrass: Planting and Growing Guide

How To Grow Lemongrass Plant

Growing Lemongrass at home is very easy. Learning the conditions lemongrass naturally grows in and then providing similar conditions at home will help the plant thrive. And once the plant establishes – you will never run out of lemongrass! In warm and temperate climates, lemongrass grows perennially, so it is a fantastic plant to sow once and … Read more

7 Reasons Potato Plants Are Dying (and how to fix it!)

Dying Potato Plants

Potatoes are a favorite in the vegetable garden because they are fairly easy to grow, but that is not to say they do not have their issues, they do! As a home gardener, witnessing your potato plants wilting, yellowing, or dying can be disheartening and frustrating. Related: Potato Leaf Pests | Can You Grow Sprouted … Read more

How To Grow Ginger: Guide To Growing Ginger At Home

Ginger Harvest - How To Grow Ginger

Ginger is an aromatic, spicy and delicious plant you can grow in your edible garden at home. And by growing your own ginger, you can control the chemicals and pesticides used. I love growing ginger organically, and you can too. Learn how to grow ginger in our guide to growing ginger at home. Related: Why … Read more

How To Grow Cilantro: Tips For Growing Cilantro

How To Grow Cilantro In The Edible Garden At Home

Growing cilantro means you will have the fresh leafy herb on hand, in the garden, for when you need it. Garnishing curries and topping tacos with cilantro is super easy when you can simply harvest the quantity you need, leaving the rest to grow for another day and another meal.  So let’s dig in and … Read more

How To Grow Mint: Complete Guide To Growing Mint At Home

Growing Mint The Herb Garden

Mint is so easy to grow that given half a chance, it will happily spread and take over your garden. But if you grow mint in a pot or container, the fragrant perennial herb will be happy and productive and so will the rest of your garden. Because of its fast-growing nature, mint is often … Read more

How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots

How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots

Learn how to grow tomatoes in pots so no matter how little growing space you may have, you can grow tomatoes anywhere. If growing space is limited, knowing how to grow tomatoes at home in pots could be for you. After all, growing tomatoes is by far the most popular vegetable to grow for home … Read more

7 Basil Pests (And How to Get Rid of Them!)

Basil in the Garden

Basil is an easy-to-grow annual herb, happily grown by garden enthusiasts on kitchen windowsills or in-home vegetable gardens around the world. However, pests that dine on your precious basil leaves can quickly turn your gardening joy into frustration. So if you notice your basil leaves with holes in them, being eaten by uninvited guests, you’re … Read more

Easy Banana Pancakes Recipe Without Sugar

Banana Pancakes Recipe

This naturally sweet banana pancake recipe is perfection and has no added sugar! Even without sugar, these pancakes are surprisingly sweet. Light and fluffy and full of bananas these healthy banana pancakes are a must-try recipe for breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea or dessert. Related: Banana Coconut Bread | Banana Zucchini Muffins The secret to making … Read more

Hardening Off Seedlings (& Avoiding Transplant Shock)

Hardening Off Tomatoes

Hardening off seedlings is an important step when raising new seeds to grow in the garden. And because it’s important, I wanted to share with you exactly what it means to harden off plants and how you can harden off seedlings to avoid transplant shock for greater growing success in your edible garden at home. Related: Raised Garden … Read more