A Twisted Tale: 8 Causes of Deformed Carrots with Solutions

Deformed Carrot

Have you ever wondered how store-bought carrots are always so straight? Whereas all the carrots I’ve grown in my vegetable garden seem to come out of the ground looking twisted, forked, bumpy, disfigured, or deformed. If you’re experiencing the same problems with your home-grown carrots, like me, you will want to find out the “root” of the … Read more

Put an End to Small Gooseberries – 8 Causes and Solutions

Green Gooseberries

Gooseberries are a fantastic addition to your garden and the deliciously tart berries make amazing jams and pies. But if your gooseberry plant is only producing small gooseberries you’re going to want to know why and how to fix it. Read on to find out. Why Are My Gooseberries So Small? Common causes of small gooseberry fruit … Read more

Parsley Dying? 6 Common Causes and Solutions

Dying Parsley Plant

Have you recently wandered into your herb garden to grab some parsley and noticed it is looking a tad on the droopy side? Or have you noticed your parsley is beginning to die? You may be left wondering how you have managed to kill a famously easy-to-grow herb. Parsley can die for several reasons, read … Read more

7 Causes of Dying Pumpkins with Solutions

Pumpkin Plants With Dry Leaves

We all want to grow the best pumpkins our home gardens can provide. So it’s disappointing if our pumpkins fall off of the vine prematurely or begin to rot and die. If like me, you have experienced dying pumpkins, you’re probably wondering what’s causing your pumpkins to die and how can you prevent this from … Read more

Stop Struggling with Deformed Parsnips: 8 Causes & Solutions

Harvesting Parsnips

Parsnips are a hardy cool-season root vegetable grown for their edible, creamy-white roots. Planted during spring, and developed over the colder months, this relative of carrot and parsley can sometimes end up deformed and misshapen. So if you are wondering why your parsnips are deformed or wonky, you’re in the right place. Why Are My Parsnips … Read more

8 Reasons Onions Are Small (With Solutions)


Have you recently harvested your patch of onions? So have I! But just like me, you may be disappointed by how underdeveloped and small your onions are. So let’s have a look at what may have caused small onion growth, and possible solutions to avoid this happening again. The most common growth problems causing small … Read more

7 Reasons Globe Artichokes Are Small (With Solutions)

Globe Artichoke Plant

Globe artichokes not only make a pretty addition to vegetable gardens, but they are a delicious delicacy. Although classed as a hardy plant suitable to be grown in several climates, this edible thistle can be affected by less-than-ideal growing conditions that can result in small artichokes. So if your artichokes are small, read on to find … Read more

7 Pests That Eat Potato Leaves And How To Get Rid Of Them

Holes in Potato Leaves

It’s safe to assume that we all enjoy eating potatoes, whether it be in the form of fries, potato salad, or golden roasted potatoes. However, growing these tasty tubers comes with its challenges, including the disappearance of your potato plant’s leaves. The dark green leaves of your potato plants (Solanum tuberosum) may fall prey to … Read more

13 Beet Pests Eating Your Crop (With Organic Solutions)

Harvested Beets

Beets are generally considered to be a low-maintenance, quick-growing crop, making them the perfect choice for late summer and early spring planting. The problem with beets, however, is that they are a tasty treat for a variety of garden pests. If you notice your beet plants (Beta vulgaris) are being used as an all-you-can-eat buffet, then this article … Read more

Getting Rid of Potato Bugs Organically: Colorado Potato Beetle

Potato Bug and Larvae - Colorado Potato Beetle

If you go out to your vegetable garden to find small, jagged holes in your potato plant leaves, you may be witnessing damage by voracious potato bugs. These beetles, and in particular the potato bug larvae can really chew through your potato leaves and create a mess of your plants. In this article, I’ll cover identifying potato bugs along … Read more