Why Are My Mangoes So Small? Answered!

Small ripe mango placed on the palm

If you grow mangoes, it’s likely that you want these delicious, tropical fruits to grow as big and juicy as possible. So if your mangoes are on the small side, or if they’re dropping from the tree before they look ripe and ready to eat, you’ll want to know why. Small mangoes can be caused … Read more

Why Is My Bok Choy Flowering? Causes and Solutions

Flowering Bok Choy

Bok choy are prized for their crisp, vibrant leaves and fast-growing times. Some bok choy varieties will give you a healthy harvest within 6 weeks! Unfortunately, bok choy can also be prone to early flowering and bolting, a process that often causes the leaves to turn bitter and woody. So if your bok choy is flowering prematurely, you’ll … Read more

Why Is My Watermelon Bitter? Answered!

Sliced watermelons on table and on wooden chopping board

Whenever summer starts, I find myself craving watermelon. A good juicy watermelon tastes sweet and is incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day. So what do you do if you grow or purchase a watermelon that tastes bitter? Keep reading to discover why this can happen and how to fix it. Why Is My Watermelon … Read more

Why Are My Bell Peppers So Small? Answered!

Small Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are a delicious, vibrant, and versatile addition to the kitchen. If you’re growing them yourself, you’ll likely want them to grow as big as possible! If you’re worried that your bell peppers are looking a bit small or stunted, there are fortunately a number of things you can do to try to remedy … Read more

Why Is My Mint Bitter? Answered!

Bunch of fresh green mint on wooden table

Mint is a favorite herb to grow for many gardeners because it is easy to maintain and provides a prolific crop. It’s also delicious in a variety of dishes and drinks. However, occasionally mint can have a bitter taste. Keep reading to discover more about why this can happen and how to fix it. Why … Read more

Why Are My Garlic Bulbs So Small? Answered!

Small Garlic

You’ll often hear people say you can never have too much garlic, but what about when you have too little? If your garlic bulbs are looking very small, there could be a number of reasons for this. Small garlic bulbs are commonly a result of planting the wrong variety, sowing at the wrong time, overcrowding, … Read more

Why Is My Raised Bed Growing Mushrooms? What You Need To Know

Raised bed garden with mushrooms growing.

The sight of unplanned fungi cropping up in your raised bed might be confusing at first. You might even be worried about what this means for your garden. Are mushrooms in your raised garden bed going to harm your other crops? Why are they appearing in the first place? The good news is that this … Read more

Why Is My Avocado Bitter? Answered!

avocado with leaf and one that is cut by a quarter

Avocados have gained enormous popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. The versatile fruit is very healthy, filled with fiber and essential fatty acids, and you can eat avocado for any meal. But what do you do if you come upon a bitter-tasting avocado? Keep reading to find out. Why Is My … Read more

Eating Hops And Uses Beyond Beer

Hops Growing on the Hop Plant

We all know hops are somehow used to magically make beer, but did you know you can eat hops as well as use the hop plant beyond making beer? In this article, we’re exploring the topic of eating hops with recipes to try and other uses for hops. So read on, to find out more. … Read more

Why Is My Spinach Flowering? Causes and Solutions

Flowering Spinach Plant

Fast growing, easy to maintain, and packed with nutrients, spinach has to be one of my all-time favorite crops to grow and cook with. Spinach also requires remarkably little maintenance once you’ve got it going. And, if the conditions are right, spinach can provide you with a steady, self-replenishing harvest of tasty, tender leaves for … Read more