13 Mushroom Growing Kits And Growing Tips

Delicious homegrown mushrooms are hard to beat and by using a mushroom growing kit, you can have mushrooms whenever you like!

Homegrown Oyster Mushrooms from Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit
Homegrown Oyster Mushrooms from an Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Mushrooms are a food that loses its flavor quickly after picking. If you have only ever eaten store-bought mushrooms you may not even realize how flavorsome a freshly picked mushroom can be.

To experience a mushroom at its best you should pick it just before cooking it. With home growing kits you can do this and experience the full wonder and flavor of various varieties of mushrooms.

But there are so many mushroom growing kits out there to choose from that it becomes overwhelming. So let us help you to choose the best mushroom growing kit for your purpose as well as some mushroom growing tips to help you get started.

Best Mushroom Growing Kits For Beginners – Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are the best mushroom growing kits for complete beginners. Most oyster mushroom kits will allow you to sit them on the kitchen counter where you can open them and begin spraying them with water a few times a day. Within days, you will notice the little mushroom pins growing!

Oyster Mushrooms Starting to Grow - Best Mushroom Growing Kits and Growing Tips
Oyster Mushrooms starting to grow!

The oyster mushroom family has a large variety of stunning colors you can grow including pink oyster, blue, tan, pearl and many more.

Some oyster mushrooms do better in a cooler climate while others need summer temperatures to fruit.

Growing Oyster Mushrooms - Best Mushroom Growing Kits and Growing Tips
Oyster Mushrooms grow in a matter of days!

Below are a selection of the best oyster mushroom growing kits in some of the amazing colors you can grow.

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1. Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Forest Origins Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit, Beginner Friendly & Easy to Use, Grows in 10 Days | Handmade in California, USA | Top Gardening Gift, Holiday Gift & Unique Gift

Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit by Forest Origins

This Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit is perfect for beginner growers and children. Not only do these pink oyster mushrooms look stunning, but this kit is also easy to use and comes with a money-back guarantee that the mushrooms will grow. So you don’t have to have green thumbs to make a success of this gardening project.

The kit includes a block of growing medium pre-populated with pink oyster mushroom mycelium.

  • Growing time: 5-10 days
  • Growing location: indoor, indirect light
  • Number of flushes: 1- 3 – one season

This easy-to-grow kit is designed to be grown indoors and has the added benefit of producing a beautiful pink mushroom that will brighten your kitchen as you wait to harvest your mushroom feast.

Unopened the mushroom kit lasts for months so it is easy to give as a gift. Its ease of use also makes it perfect for gifting. The receiver does not need to be an avid gardener to enjoy this kit. It is perfect for all ages.

As with any mushroom growing kit, contamination can occur. Forest Origins will gladly replace your kit if it is contaminated or unsuccessful.  

For those looking for a new experience, the Forest Origins Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit is a great place to start. It’s easy to use and will reward you with up to three flushes of pink oyster mushrooms.

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2. Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

North Spore Organic Blue Oyster Mushroom Spray & Grow Kit (4 lbs) | USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Beginner Friendly & Easy to Use | Grow Your Mushrooms at Home | Handmade in Maine, USA

Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit by North Spore

Intriguing Blue Oyster mushrooms may look particularly exotic and difficult to grow but in reality, they are one of the easier mushrooms to grow and are prolific growers, usually producing multiple flushes.

The kit by North Spore includes a block of growing medium pre-populated with blue oyster mushroom mycelium, a sprayer for watering your mushrooms, and easy-to-follow instructions on growing your mushrooms.  

  • Growing time: 2-3 weeks
  • Growing location: indoors, indirect light (a little sunlight will increase the blue color)
  • Number of flushes: 2- 3 – one season

These blue-tinged mushrooms add an exotic element to any meal. Invite friends over to enjoy a gourmet dinner grown in your own kitchen.

Blue oyster mushrooms take a little longer to reach harvesting age than pink oyster mushrooms but it is definitely worth the wait.

For those who have a little patience, the blue oyster mushroom’s rewards are worth it.

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3. Golden Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Root Mushroom Farm—Golden Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Golden Oyster Mushroom Kit by Root Mushroom Farm

The Golden Oyster Mushroom Kit includes a log of substrate pre-colonized with golden oyster mushroom mycelium, a humidity tent, a spray bottle and instructions on how to grow them.

  • Growing time: within 7 days
  • Growing location: indoors, indirect sunlight
  • Number of flushes: 1 – 3 – one season

These beautiful golden mushrooms can be grown anywhere in the home from your bedroom to your kitchen. As long as they do not receive direct sunlight they will be happy.

They need to be sprayed at least twice a day and will flourish in temperatures between 65’F and 80’F

These golden oyster mushrooms are the most striking of the oyster varieties and make a great ‘house plant’ with the added benefit of tasting delicious. They are easy to grow and very quick to ripen to harvest readiness. This kit is perfect for the person who wants everything done yesterday.

>> Check the price and read more reviews here.

4. Brown Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Back to the Roots Organic Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit, Harvest Gourmet Mushrooms In 10 Days

Brown Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit by Back to Roots

Tasty and easy-to-grow oyster mushrooms are just days away when you purchase one of these kits. Simply open the box, mist with water a couple of times a day and within 10 days you will have your own homegrown oyster mushrooms.

These brown oyster mushrooms are guaranteed to grow, so you know you’ll be enjoying a feast of mushrooms. The kit includes the mister and instructions for growing.

  • Growing time: 10 days
  • Growing location: indoors, indirect sunlight
  • Number of flushes: 1 – 2 – one season

Grow these mushrooms on the kitchen counter, or anywhere in the home with good indirect light.

For first-time mushroom growers, this kit is a wonderful choice. Oyster mushrooms are easy to grow and fascinating to watch as they do. A fun gift for kids, food lovers and gardeners.

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5. The Best Gift Mushroom Grow Kit – Specialty Trio Mushroom Grow Kit

Forest Origins Specialty Trio Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit 3-Pack Variety - Beginner Friendly & Easy to Use, Grows in 10 Days | Handmade in California, USA | Top Gardening Gift, Holiday Gift & Unique Gift

Specialty Trio Mushroom Growing Kit by Forest Origins

This Trio of mushroom growing kit makes the perfect gift. It is suitable for all ages as it is so easy to use. The three different color oyster mushrooms: white, brown and pink, will not only add flavor and pizazz to your meals but will add color to your kitchen.

The kit includes three blocks of growing medium pre-populated with brown, pink and white oyster mushroom mycelium and detailed instructions.

  • Growing time: 1-3 weeks
  • Growing location: indoors, indirect sunlight
  • Number of flushes: 1 – 3 – one season

This kit makes the perfect gift as it can be stored for up to 6 months before starting the growing. It also comes with a guarantee and everything one needs for growing the mushrooms is included in the kit. The trio means you get to try a variety of gourmet mushrooms. The different colors are ready for harvesting at slightly different times so you can enjoy fresh mushrooms for weeks.

The kits need to be sprayed at least twice a day but if you do this small chore, the benefits are huge. The better you treat them the more they will give you.

This trio of gourmet mushrooms is a fantastic gift for any age. Not only will you be giving the gift of fresh, full-flavored mushrooms but you will also be gifting the experience of growing something delicious to share with family or friends.

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6. Best Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit

Root Mushroom Farm- Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kit-Start Right Away Once Received

Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit by Root Mushroom Farm

This Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit comes with everything you need to start growing shiitake mushrooms right away. The kit includes the ready to fruit log, humidity tent, misting bottle and instructions.

Shiitake mushrooms grow best in temperatures 55-75 F so keep this in mind for the best growing conditions.

The shiitake logs are ready to start growing when they arrive so you can have fresh shiitake mushrooms within days. If you don’t want to use your kit right away, or you would like to gift it, you can store the shiitake mushroom kit in the fridge for a few days.

  • Growing time: 5-7 days
  • Growing location: indoors, indirect light
  • Number of flushes: 1-3
Shiitake Mushrooms Ready to Harvest - Best Mushroom Growing Kits and Growing Tips
Shiitake Mushrooms ready for harvesting.

Shiitake mushrooms are a little more effort to grow than oyster mushrooms. They need the right humidity but this kit comes with a grow tent to help control the environment.

Traditionally shiitake grow outdoors on logs (see outdoor growing kit further down) and I would recommend a more experienced mushroom grower for that. But these kits are perfect for beginner mushroom growers because they allow you to grow indoors, on ‘logs’ that have already been inoculated with shiitake and incubated by the seller.

>> Check the price and read more reviews here.

7. Best Lion’s Mane Mushroom Growing Kit

Lion's Mane Grow Kit (one kit), 3.2 Pound Log

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Growing Kit by Root Mushroom Farm

Lion’s mane mushrooms are an absolute delicacy and have been reported to taste like lobster when sautéed in garlic butter.

The kit includes one lion’s mane log, a humidity tent, a spray bottle and detailed instructions.

  • Growing time: 2-3 weeks
  • Growing location: indoors, no direct sunlight
  • Number of flushes: 1

This lion’s mane mushroom grow kit is easy to use and comes with a guarantee. If your kit does not produce mushrooms the company will replace the kit or refund you.

The mushrooms need very moist conditions to thrive. Air-conditioning units dry out the air and may jeopardize the growth of the mushrooms. Fortunately, this kit comes with a humidity tent which will prevent the mushrooms from being affected by the air-conditioner.

This lion’s mane kit contains all you need to grow gourmet mushrooms in your kitchen. The humidity tent, which is included, ensures your mushrooms will thrive in a moist warm atmosphere while you enjoy a cool air-conditioned one.

>> Check the price and read more reviews here.

Best Mushroom Growing Kits For Outdoors

Some mushroom kits are designed to be grown outdoors. I would recommend these outdoor growing kits for the more experienced and adventurous mushroom grower.

As you will see from the below growing times, these mushrooms require a much longer growing period but they will produce over multiple seasons.

8. Best Outdoor Shiitake Mushroom Kit

Spawn and Wax Combo - Shiitake Mushrooms Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn - 100 Count Plugs - 3oz Wax Grow Edible Gourmet & Medicinal Shitake Fungi On Trees & Logs

Shiitake Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn

Shiitake mushroom grow kits consist of small one inch pieces of dowel infused with shiitake mycelium as well as wax.

The advantage of the plug spawn is that you can place them directly into a tree or a hardwood log in your garden and they will produce shiitake mushrooms for up to 5 years.

The kit includes 100 mushroom plug spawn, wax and detailed instructions.

  • Growing time: 9-12 months
  • Growing location: outdoors, full sun
  • Number of flushes: 2 per season – 5 years

Shiitake mushrooms take a long time to prepare for growth. They will take 9 – 12 months to produce pins. Once pins are showing they grow quickly and will produce harvest-sized mushrooms within 5-10 days. These mushroom kits are for those who are in it for the long haul.

>> Check the price and read more reviews here.

9. Best Outdoor Morel Mushroom Growing Kit

Garden Morel Mushroom Grow Kit - MOREL HABITAT KIT ® - Grow Morchella Mushrooms

Garden Morel Mushroom Growing Kit by Morel Habitat Kit

Morel mushrooms are perennial fungi which means they will continue to come up year after year if conditions are correct.

The kit includes living morel fungus in a block of morel mushroom spawn mycelium and instructions on how to grow them.

  • Growing time: up to two seasons
  • Growing location: outdoors, partial shade, at least 4-5 square ft.
  • Number of flushes: every spring for 5 – 30 years

These mushrooms are grown in soil and preferably outdoors. They can be planted any time of year as long as the soil is workable. Once established they will produce a crop of morel mushrooms each spring. These are perfect for the long-term mushroom grower as they will continue to produce a crop of mushrooms every spring for years to come.

Patience is needed for these mushrooms as they may take up to two seasons to begin producing. But the wait is definitely worth it as, once established, they will continue producing for years to come with very little effort from you.

Finding the perfect spot in your garden may be a bit tricky. To overcome this problem try planting them in more than one spot.

Morels are the perfect mushroom of choice if you don’t want to fuss with growing mushrooms and you have a little damp spot in the garden. Although the first crop takes a while to come, it will make up for it in the bountiful years ahead.  

>> Check the price and read more reviews here.

More Mushroom Growing Kits

There are of course a few more mushroom growing kits on the market. Some of these kits would be best for more experienced mushroom growers who are willing to provide the ideal growing conditions. And some of these kits are not available all year round. Nonetheless, they might be just what you are looking for! So here are a few more kits you might be interested in growing:

10. King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

11. Button Mushroom Growing Kit

12. Crimini Portabella Mushroom Growing Kit

13. Cordyceps Militaris Mushroom Growing Kit

Mushroom Growing Tips

Shiitake Mushrooms from a Grow Kit - Best Mushroom Growing Kits and Growing Tips
Shiitake Mushrooms from a Grow Kit

How Do Mushrooms Grow?

Before we start let’s have a quick look at how mushrooms grow.

What we call the mushroom is actually the fruit of the fungus. The main part of the fungus is called the mycelium and it grows under the ground. It can cover a small patch or stretch for miles.

Its main purpose is to find suitable conditions for the fruit to grow and produce spores. Spores are like the seeds of the mushroom.

When spores are ripe they will be carried by the wind to new areas where they will grow into mycelium and the cycle will continue.

So if your mushroom growing kit finds itself in perfect conditions, the mycelium in it will begin to form mushrooms. And this is exactly what you want!

So it’s important to get the conditions right or the mycelium will not produce mushrooms.

The secret to creating perfect conditions and growing healthy mushrooms at home is to control the temperature, humidity and light. If you have these three things right, your mushrooms will flourish.

Ideal Temperature For Growing Mushrooms

Mushrooms thrive in temperatures between 55-70°F depending on the variety. If the temperature is consistently lower or higher than this, the mushrooms might not grow. Keeping your mushroom kit someplace cool like a cellar will help to keep the temperature constant.

For the first 3 weeks raise the temperature to 70°F. You can use a heating pad to do this, as this will not dry out the air. Once you see the mycelium (white threadlike growths), reduce the temperature to between 55°F and 60°F and cover with a thin layer of soil. If you are using a mushroom growing kit this step should already have been done for you and you can go straight into the growing phase.

Mushrooms do not like a draught and thus keeping them in a cupboard will help with this too.

Mushrooms Need Humidity

So how is the best way to go about controlling the humidity? The easiest way to do this is with a humidity tent. Many mushroom growing kits come with their own humidity tent. If your kit did not come with a tent, you can buy a tent or make one yourself. You can use a clear plastic storage container with a clear, fitting lid. Even a large, clear plastic bag will work for the short term.

Another way to ensure your mushrooms have enough humidity is to spray them regularly with water, at least twice a day. If you live in a very dry climate you should spray them more often. Once you have sprayed them, fan them to get the air moving around them. You can do this by waving a cloth or tray around them. Just fan them for a minute or two. You don’t want to dry them out.

When the mushrooms are still at the white threadlike stage, you can cover them with a damp cloth and spray the cloth lightly and regularly to keep it damp. This will prevent the mycelium from drying out.

Lighting Requirements For Growing Mushrooms

Most mushrooms do not like direct sunlight. If growing mushrooms outdoors they should be in a shady spot where they receive light but not direct sunlight.

If growing mushrooms indoors you can place them in a cupboard with a 400 watt bulb for light. Mushrooms do not photosynthesize like plants and thus do not need sunlight for energy.

They get their energy from the substrate in which they grow. For most mushrooms this substrate is some kind of wood or wood derivative such as sawdust, woodchips or straw.

Oyster mushrooms, particularly the pink and blue varieties need a little sunlight to bring out their color. These mushrooms are happy on the kitchen counter provided they don’t get direct sunlight.

Are Mushroom Grow Kits Worth it?

Shiitake Mushroom Harvest - Best Mushroom Growing Kits and Growing Tips
Shiitake Mushroom Harvest – from a Mushroom Growing Kit

As a beginner mushroom grower, you may be wondering if a mushroom grow kit is worth it? In my experience, when it comes to beginner mushroom kits, the output of mushrooms is often comparable in price to the retail price you might expect to pay at a grocery store.

This is because most of these mushroom kits have already had the hard work done for you.

When you purchase a mushroom kit, you are purchasing the growing medium with the mycelium spores ready for growing. Generally, you will open the box or plastic bag, remove some packaging and start misting to begin the process of growing mushrooms. Which makes growing mushrooms so simple!

Once you gain more experience and want to take your mushroom growing to the next level, the cost savings can be significant.

There are other advantages, besides financial ones, that come from growing your own mushrooms. And it is these advantages that make mushroom growing kits worth it.

Advantages of Mushroom Growing Kits

Oyster Mushroom Harvest from an Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit
Oyster Mushrooms grown from a kit

You can grow a variety of mushroom you may not otherwise be able to purchase in a grocery store.

The pleasure of growing your own mushrooms. Nothing beats seeing the mushroom spores develop and the small mushroom pins bloom.

Beginner mushroom kits will give you a taste for growing your own mushrooms. Then if you love the mushroom growing process you can take this hobby a whole lot further. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to growing mushrooms. The mushroom growing kits are just the start.

Mushroom kits can be grown by complete beginners. You don’t need any experience to get started growing mushrooms. Kits provide all the information to grow your own delicious mushrooms. For this reason, they make excellent gifts for adults and children alike.

There is a mushroom variety to grow at any time of year. Most of the mushroom growing kits we’ve featured here can be grown indoors, so no matter the season, you can grow a harvest of mushrooms.

Many of these mushroom growing kits we have featured here are between $20-$40 so they are well priced for gifting to foodies and growers alike.

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