Beautiful and Useful Gardening Gifts for Mother’s Day

Lover’s of all things gardening will love a Mother’s Day gift that helps them enjoy their passion for the garden. Whether it be a tool that makes light work of pruning back unruly fruit trees or something special to wash off the dirt and restore tired muscles after a workout in the garden. Here are my top Mother’s Day gift ideas for gardeners.

Mother's Day Garden Gifts Beautiful and Useful

#1. Outdoor Garden Potting Table

An outdoor potting table will make the job of sowing new seeds into trays so simple.

This table has a handy lattice back which can be used for hanging gardening tools which helps to keep everything tidy and within reach. The addition of side hooks makes clever use of space.

The natural wood finish of this potting table can be customized to suit any space and makes one of the best mother’s day gifts for gardeners.

#2. Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Bath and Shower Gel

Gardening can be tiring work, so at the end of a satisfying days work in the garden, this Molton and Brown luxury bath and shower gel will be a welcome pampering experience.

Use it in the shower or soak tired muscles in a relaxing bath, either way, the gorgeous fragrance of Orange and Bergamot will invigorate the senses while being an indulgent treat.

#3. Felco Garden Pruners

Quality garden pruners are a gardener’s best friend. With proper care, garden tools can last for many years.

Made with high-performance steel blades, these Felco pruners make pruning simple and enjoyable and are well worth looking after.

The size of these pruners are specially designed for medium-sized hands and should be perfect for women but Felco also makes different models which accommodate larger sized hands.

Tip: Wipe the blades of the pruners with rubbing alcohol to disinfect them between pruning each new plant. This will ensure any potential disease is not spread to other plants.

#4. Sloggers Waterproof Garden Gum Boots

This gift assumes you’ll know the intended recipient’s shoe size. If not, how about a quick look in her shoe cupboard?

These stylish garden gumboots from Sloggers means feet are not only protected in the garden but the wearer will look good too!

Designed with comfort in mind, this practical and durable gift is also really pretty. The sweet floral design is perfect for the garden lover.

#5. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

We all know we are supposed to wear gardening gloves when we garden.

But it’s easy to take an unintentional wander around the garden and pull a few weeds as you spot them. The next thing you know, hands are left dirt-covered and roughed up by tough weed stems.

Restore moisture with this beautiful L’Occitane hand cream. This one is rich, easily absorbs and smells divine!

#6. Meyer Dwarf Lemon Gift Tree

This is a gift that will keep on giving! In the right conditions, lemon trees can live for 50-100 years.

This dwarf Meyer lemon tree can be grown in a pot or directly in the garden.

Lemon trees are a wonderful addition to the edible garden and this tree makes a lovely gift.

You can read more about caring for lemon trees in our article How To Grow A Lemon Tree With Prolific Fruit At Home.

#7. Mother’s Day Gift Buying Tips

Mother’s Day gift buying doesn’t have to be expensive.

These gifts start at around $28 but you could also give a gift from the heart that doesn’t cost you a cent.

Think about what you might have growing in your garden that you can propagate and pot-up as a sweet gift.

Basil cuttings in glass jar

One idea is a mixed herb pot. Many herbs such as basil, rosemary, sage and mint can be grown from cuttings. So if you have herbs growing in your garden, you can grow a Mother’s Day gift for free!

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Give yourself a 4-6 weeks time before you intend to gift your garden grown creation, to allow your cuttings to grow. Or longer for more established plants.

Established Rosemary Plant In A Pot
Established Rosemary Plant In A Pot


Whether you choose to pamper mom or help her grow(!) her passion for the garden, we hope you are inspired by one of these Mother’s Day garden gifts. And if you’re a mom who sees something here you would like your children to gift to you, why not give them a hint and share this post with them?

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Mother's Day Garden Gift Ideas Beautiful and Useful

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