Can Raspberries Grow Under Fruit Trees?

An old man harvesting raspberries under a tree.

Raspberries are a hardy, tasty, and forgiving crop, with some varieties capable of rewarding you with a harvest in their first year. If you have limited space to work with, you may be considering planting raspberries under fruit trees. Is this a good idea and what do you need to think about when planning where … Read more

Why Are My Watermelons Not Ripening? With Solutions!

Slice of unripe watermelon

There’s nothing better in the hot summer months than a juicy slice of watermelon, especially if it’s grown in your own garden. If your watermelons aren’t ripening properly though, you’ll want to find out why. No one wants to be deprived of that sweet juiciness! If your watermelons are slow to ripen or are failing … Read more

Watermelon Flowers But No Fruit? Causes and Solutions

Flowers blooming from a watermelon plant.

I know it can be very frustrating if your watermelon plant is flowering but not producing any fruit. After all, is there anything better than sitting under the summer sun with a chunk of watermelon in your hand? This is quite a common problem, so let’s have a look at the reasons why this is … Read more

Why Are My Mulberries So Small? Answered!

Small Mulberries

Mulberries can make a delicious, fast-growing, nutrient-packed alternative to blackberries. Given they’re not usually commercially available because of a short shelf-life, growing mulberries yourself is often the only way to have a reliable store. So if your mulberry tree is fruiting but the mulberries are looking small, you’ll want to know why. The most common … Read more

Feijoa Flowers But No Fruit? Causes and Solutions

Feijoa Flower

Is your feijoa tree flowering but not producing any fruit? This can be frustrating because who doesn’t like cutting into a feijoa, also called pineapple guava, and scooping out the deliciousness inside? This is quite a common problem and there are measures you can take to make sure your feijoa tree produces fruit in time … Read more

Why Are My Mangoes So Small? Answered!

Small ripe mango placed on the palm

If you grow mangoes, it’s likely that you want these delicious, tropical fruits to grow as big and juicy as possible. So if your mangoes are on the small side, or if they’re dropping from the tree before they look ripe and ready to eat, you’ll want to know why. Small mangoes can be caused … Read more

Why Is My Watermelon Bitter? Answered!

Sliced watermelons on table and on wooden chopping board

Whenever summer starts, I find myself craving watermelon. A good juicy watermelon tastes sweet and is incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day. So what do you do if you grow or purchase a watermelon that tastes bitter? Keep reading to discover why this can happen and how to fix it. Why Is My Watermelon … Read more

Why is My Apple Bitter? Answered!

Homegrown apple tree with ripe fruits ready for picking.

Almost everyone enjoys apples, and with so many different varieties to choose from, there’s usually something for every palette. However, occasionally you might bite into a rather bitter-tasting apple. Here I’ll talk about why this can happen and steps to take to ensure that your apples taste delicious.  Why Is My Apple Bitter? The Short … Read more

Why Is My Lime Tree Dying? Causes and Solutions

Dying Lime Tree

There are few better ways of bringing a bit of zest to your backyard and pantry than planting a lime tree. But if things go wrong and your lime tree looks like it might be dying, you’re going to want to know why and how to fix it. If your lime tree looks like it … Read more

Why Is My Olive Tree Dying? Causes and Solutions

Olive Tree - Why Is My Olive Tree Dying

Olives are a delicious fruit, and olive oil is a staple in any chef’s kitchen. So it would make sense to want to grow some yourself. Olive trees are large and sturdy and can live for an average of 500 years. So if your olive tree is dying, you’ll want to know how you can … Read more