Best Watering Cans for Gardening Outdoors and Indoors 2024

With so many watering cans on the market, you might be wondering which is the best watering can for you? We’re here to help! In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best watering cans and reviewed them so you can make the best choice for your gardening needs. Whether you are gardening indoors, on a patio or outdoors, there’s a watering can that will help keep your plants well-watered and healthy. So here are the best watering cans and how to choose the right one for you.

Best Watering Cans for Outdoors and Indoors

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Comparison Table – Best Watering Cans

Our PicksBest Watering CansImageWater CapacityMaterialCustomer RatingPrice
Best All-RounderUnion Watering Can with Tulip DesignUnion Watering Can with Tulip Design - Best Watering Cans2 GallonPlastic Blow-Mold4.5/5Check
Best IndoorWhaleLife Indoor Watering CanWhaleLife Indoor Watering Can - Best Watering Cans40 OuncesPlastic Resin4.5/5Check
Best KidsUnion Elephant Watering CanUnion Elephant Watering Can - Best Watering Cans64 OuncesWeather Resistant Plastic4.6/5Check
Best Large OutdoorBloem Easy Pour Watering CanBloem Easy Pour Watering Can - Best Watering Cans2.6 GallonUV Stabilized Polypropylene Plastic4.1/5Check
Best for SeedlingsHaws Handy Plastic Indoor Watering CanHaws Handy Indoor Plastic Watering Can - Best Watering Cans32 OuncesMolded Plastic4.1/5Check
Best Galvanized SteelCesun Metal Watering Can Galvanized SteelCesun Metal Watering Can Galvanized Steel - Best Watering Cans1 GallonGalvanized Steel4.4/5Check
Best Long SpoutHomarden Decorative Copper Colored Watering CanKibaga Decorative Copper Colored Watering Can - Best Watering Cans40 OuncesRust-Resistant Steel4.6/5Check

Best Watering Can Reviews

Best All-Rounder – Union Watering Can with Tulip Design

Union 63068 Watering Can with Tulip Design, 2 Gallon, Sage Green

If you’re looking for the best all-rounder watering can, then the Union Watering Can with Tulip Design is a classic, affordable, and well-designed watering can to meet your needs.

This watering can holds a generous 2 gallons of water, and comes with the option to purchase the same design in 1-gallon capacity. The larger size of this watering can is a great option for your outdoor gardening needs.

The Union Watering Can is made in the USA from blow-mold plastic for a strong and durable product.

The removable shower spout allows for a fast stream of water and then screws back into place, so it won’t fall off or leak. In addition, the shower head produces a gentle watering flow, so that plants won’t be damaged.

Another handy feature of this watering can is the two handles. They help make carrying a full watering can more comfortable as well as easier to use when pouring the water. Located between the two handles is the water filling hole, which makes filling the watering can easy and convenient.

For some customers, the gentle showering from this watering can is too gentle. They would prefer a faster flow from the shower head. However, many gardeners appreciate the gentle water flow to give their plants time to absorb the water. Additionally, the gentle shower is delicate on plants and soil.

The Union Watering Can with Tulip Design is a great all-rounder watering can. It’s an affordable, well-designed, and long-lasting watering can perfect for outdoor gardening.

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Best Indoor – WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can

WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can for House Bonsai Plants (1.4L, Green)

The WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can is a small, attractive watering can for indoor plants. Its modern design means it can easily be displayed as part of your interior decor on a shelf or table between watering house plants.

For a small watering can, the WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can holds a good amount of water with capacity for 40 ounces. This is enough to water a few indoor plants well before it needs refilling. One customer reported being able to water 8-12 small and medium-sized indoor plants.

This watering can is made from translucent resin so you can always see how much water is in the can. The strong plastic material is light-weight making it comfortable for watering house plants. And the long narrow spout is handy for directing water and reaching hard to reach plants.

Some customers report the watering can becomes uncomfortable to hold when the can is overly full. If this becomes a problem it can easily be overcome by not overfilling the watering can.

The light-weight, durable and attractive design of the WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can makes it a great choice for watering indoor plants. And when you are between watering, display it on a shelf for a stylish addition to your interior decor.

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Best Kids – Union Elephant Watering Can

Union 63182 Elephant Watering Can, 2 Quarts, 0.5 Gallons, Gray, Novelty Indoor Watering Can

Union Elephant Watering Can is a small novelty watering can for kids. Little imaginations will be captivated by the cute elephant design. And they’ll be able to help mom and dad in the garden!

This watering can has capacity for 64 ounces of water which can be quite heavy for young children to carry. So adjust the amount of water to be just right for your child. And, as it happens, some customers report baby elephant watering can spilling when filled more than 2/3 full, so best not to overfill the can.

Made from weather-resistant plastic, baby elephant watering can will look right at home in the garden. As well as being a good-sized watering can for children, it’s also ideal for gardeners who prefer a lighter weight watering can. And the long skinny trunk works well for those hard to reach plants.

The inexpensive price point of Union Elephant Watering Can is another attractive feature. And it’s novelty nature makes it a fun gardening gift idea, especially for kids.

Kids will love to help you in the garden with this Elephant Watering Can. And once they’re done watering the garden or just playing with water, as the case may be, simply pop baby elephant next to your plants until next time he’s needed.

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Best Large Outdoor – Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can

Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can, 2.6 Gallon, Black (20-47287CP)

The Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can has a large 2.6 gallon water capacity making it ideal for your outdoor watering needs.

This watering can is made from strong polypropylene plastic which is 100% UV stabilized to ensure its longevity.

A clever feature of this watering can is that one of the two handles is adjustable. The handle can pivot to make it easier to pour for your individual comfort and to allow easy access to fill the watering can.

Another popular feature is the adjustable water spout. The spout can be positioned to produce either a gentle shower or a stream of water.

Some customers mention the shower spout can fall off as it only clips into place. This is not usually a big problem for most happy customers who are usually able to re-clip it back into place.

Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can is easy to use. And with the ability to hold a large amount of water, it’s perfect for watering a larger garden space outdoors.

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Best for Seedlings – Haws Handy Plastic Indoor Watering Can

Haws Handy Indoor Plastic Watering Can, Light Blue, 1 US Pint

Haws Handy Indoor Watering Can makes watering delicate seedlings a breeze thanks to its soft flowing shower head.

This small watering can holds 32 ounces of water which gently flows through the shower rose to water seedlings without damaging them. In addition, the shower rose can be removed so it doesn’t become blocked.

This well-designed watering can is made from durable molded plastic to last and is a miniature version of the larger classic Haws Watering Can.

Additionally, it’s ideal for watering indoor plants, especially succulents, African violets and orchids due to its small design and soft flowing shower spout.

As with many manufactures of watering cans, some customers have experienced leaks, though this is not the case for the majority of happy customers. For example, one happy customer reports having a Haws Watering Can for nearly 40 years!

Keeping seedlings well-watered is important and Haws Handy Watering Can will help you keep them happy and healthy until they are mature enough to be transplanted into the garden.

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Best Galvanized Steel – Cesun Metal Watering Can Galvanized Steel

Cesun Metal Watering Can 1 Gallon for Outdoors Plants, Galvanized Steel Watering Pot with Removable Spray Spout, Movable Upper Handle - Perfect for Outdoor Use (Vintage Zinc)

The Cesun Metal Watering Can is made from quality galvanized steel making it perfect for outdoor use. With a 1 gallon water capacity, the Cesun Watering Can is mid-sized and ideal for watering a few plants at a time while not being overly heavy to carry.

A great feature of this watering can is the two handles. The top handle is adjustable so you can move it to whatever position is comfortable for you.

The shower-head spout is removable so it won’t get clogged up. Additionally, it can be easily screwed back into place. And the threaded rose means no leaks! A shower spout also means plants can be watered gently without crushing them or disturbing the soil too much.

There is some customer feedback of leaks developing in some cans. However, this happens across many brands in the industry and it does not affect the majority of happy customers. Cesun state they check every watering can for quality and leaks before shipping.

If you are looking for an outdoor watering can made from galvanized steel, then Cesun Watering Can is a great option. In short, it’s an attractive, lightweight, and durable watering can for your outdoor gardening.

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Best Long Spout – Homarden Decorative Copper Colored Watering Can

Homarden 40oz. Copper-Colored Indoor Plant Watering Can - Ergonomic Long Spout Design for Precision - Rust-Resistant, Ideal for Garden & Outdoor Use, Perfect Plant Care Companion

Finding a watering can to water your indoor plants is one thing. But making the watering can an attractive feature of your decor is another altogether. And Homarden’s Copper Colored Watering Can ticks the aesthetic decor box. Not only is this watering can a functional piece of equipment to water your indoor plants, but it also looks right at home displayed on a bookshelf, shelving, cabinet or table.

In addition to Homarden Watering Can’s good looks, it’s small, lightweight, and has a 40 ounce water capacity along with a long spout, known as a gooseneck spout. This long spout is perfect for directing water onto your plants exactly where you want it to go and it’s also handy for watering hanging plants in baskets or pots.

Made from rust-resistant alloy steel, this watering can is well-made and durable so it will last. Due to it’s smaller water holding capacity, this watering can suits a smaller number of indoor plants.  

Some customers report the design of this watering can doesn’t allow all the water to entirely empty. However, for most customers, this is easily overcome by simply emptying the remaining 1/4 cup of water in the sink.

To sum up, this attractive and functional small watering can with a long spout will reach those hard to water plants and keep your indoor plants well hydrated. And when you’re done watering your indoor plants, display the Kibaga Watering Can on a shelf and make it a stylish home decorating feature.

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Choosing The Best Watering Can

How to choose the best watering can for you will depend on a few considerations such as the intended use, water capacity and material.

Intended Use – Watering Can for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Choosing the best watering can for your gardening needs firstly depend on the intended use. For example, do you need a watering can for your indoor plants or are you looking to water outdoor potted plants and garden beds?

For larger garden spaces, a watering can might not be the best way to irrigate your garden. Instead, you might consider a drip irrigation system that can be set up with a timer for regular watering.

However, watering cans are perfect for watering potted plants on balconies, patios, watering seedlings, smaller gardens and indoor plants.

Some gardeners also like to have a watering can nearby, so they can quickly water gardens or individual plants between regular watering. And I do this myself. I’ll notice a pot plant or garden bed that looks like it needs an additional drink, and my watering can really comes in handy for this. Having a watering can such as the Union Watering Can with Tulip Design, Cesun Metal Watering Can or Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can is ideal for this purpose.

For indoor plants, generally, a smaller more decorative watering can with a gentle water flow is preferable. If you know you have hanging plants or hard to reach plants then a watering can with a long spout such as the Homarden Watering Can is ideal. And for raising seeds and seedlings, look for a watering can with a very gentle flow of water such as Haws Handy Indoor Watering Can.

So decide whether you need a watering can for watering indoor plants or outdoor plants, and then look for a watering can to suit your needs.

Water Capacity

When choosing a watering can consider the water capacity of the water can.

This is especially important for outdoor gardening use. It might seem logical to go for a large watering can to water lots of plants at once. But 2.6 gallons of water, for example, is quite heavy for many gardeners. So think about how realistic it will be for you to carry that amount of water at once.

It may be preferable to choose a smaller size watering can, knowing you will have to refill it a few times, so its lighter weight is manageable.


When it comes to the types of watering cans on the market, they are generally made from either metal or plastic.

Metal watering cans are more durable and will last longer than plastic. And the best type of metal watering cans are made from galvanized steel and are rust-resistant. Metal watering cans can cost more than plastic watering cans.

Plastic watering cans, on the other hand, are lighter to carry, they are often cheaper to buy when compared to metal watering cans but they won’t last as long. There is also the environmental impact of plastic watering cans. Though some brands are made from recycled plastic or claim to be recyclable once the product has reached the end of its life.


We hope we have helped you find the best watering can for your gardening needs. As a result, you may decide you need more than one watering can for different functions in the garden. If you’re a plant lover like me, you might have an indoor watering can for your houseplants and a larger outdoor watering can to water your potted herbs and succulents.

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